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Masked Marauders, the

From: (Dwight Brown)
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 Subject: Re: The Masked Marauders
 Date: Sun, 13 Nov 1994 12:00:31 -0600
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Stephen Renne ( wrote:
 > Back in the late sixties - early seventies Rolling Stone published a bogus
 > review of an album titled "The Masked Marauders."
 The review appeared October 18, 1969, along with a review of another
 "supersession" album by a band called "Merryweather". The review was
 written by "T.M. Christian" (actually Greil Marcus). The album was
 supposedly produced by Al Kooper.
 >  The record allegedly
 > contained the fruits of a supersession recorded in Canada 
 "in a small town near the site of the original Hudson Bay Colony in Canada"
 > with Mick Jagger
 > John Lennon, Paul McCartney, Bob Dylan, and others.  The review was penned
 > y.
 According to the review, the album featured McCartney singing "Mammy",
 Dylan imitating early Donovan, and Jagger singing "I Can't Get No Nookie".
 > Although the review was fiction SOMEONE went ahead and recorded a single
 > album of some of the songs listed in the review.  They even carried it out
 > to the extent of mimicking Jagger's and Dylan's vocal styles.
 Greil Marcus and Langdon Winner recruited some other Berkeley musicians
 and recorded it in a garage studio. Then they took it to KMPX-FM and had
 it played. Motown supposedly offered $100,000 for the tape, but the
 "Marauders" cut a deal for $15,000 with Warner Brothers.
 >  The album
 > ended with a joke monologue revealing the scam.  A classic.
 Supposedly, Jann Wenner eventually got tired of the scam, and *Rolling
 Stone* exposed it themselves.
 My source for all this is Robert Draper's *Rolling Stone Magazine: The
 Uncensored History*. The discussion of the Masked Marauders appears at the
 very end of Chapter 5 (pages 116-118 in the HarperPerennial paperback).
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