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McCoy, Charlie

After playing guitar on 'Desolation Row' in New York, he subsequently worked with Dylan on Blonde On Blonde, John Wesley Harding, Nashville Skyline and Self Portrait, playing both bass and lead guitar.

Clinton Heylin:"Bob Dylan: Behind The Shades, a Biography"


The fabled Nashville harmonica player, who made a rock reputation with his sometimes astonishing work on Bob Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde".

From: Joe Silver (
Subject: Re: Charles McCoy Question
Date: Thu, 20 Aug 1998 07:18:30 -0700

Guppy 270 wrote:
>    I was just listening to Bob Dylan's "John Wesley Harding" CD, and I had
> forgotten how incredibly inventive and melodic the bass playing of Charles
> McCoy was.
>   Does anyone have any information on him? Any other albums he played on, etc.
> Was he a Nashville session player? Did he always play that creatively, or was
> the Dylan album his chance to stretch out and experiment?

Charlie McCoy is also on some tracks on Dylan's "Blonde on Blonde"
album.  He plays the harmonica on "Obviously Five Believers" (perhaps
the only "real" harmonica playing on any Dylan recording!), and I
believe I remember reading somewhere that on "Most Likely You'll Go Your
Way and I'll Go Mine" he recorded the trumpet and bass parts in a single
pass, playing the bass just by "hammering" the notes with his left
hand.  Can anyone else corroborate this?

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