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Mighty Quinn, the

The Mighty Quinn / Self Portrait / 1970

When Quinn the Eskimo gets here
everybody's gonna shout for joy (Sean Smith):
You can't fool me: that was *Quinn* Cummings, the noted child actress who appeared in "Family" and "The Goodbye Girl" and inspired the famous Bob Dylan song "You'll Not See Nothing Like The Mighty Quinn." "In real life, one must look out the window" (Lee Edmond) :
Does anybody know that Dylan wrote Quinn the Eskimo after a friend of his (a friend's wife, to be more precise) came home raving about a movie she had just seen staring Anthony Quinn in the role of an Eskimo (or Aleut, to be politically correct)? Does anybody care?

John Howells (
Old news. The movie is "The Savage Innocents", also featuring a young Peter O'Toole (!) ["he went to Hollywood to see Peter O'Toole"].

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 Subject: New Magazine Launched
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  The New UFOlogist is a new quarterly which was launched in the
  summer of 1994 one of the articles in the first issue was
  Earthlights: The Abduction Connection by Paul Devereux. This
  article is attached so as it gets seen by a wider audience and to
  get additional feedback on the theories presented.

  If you would like further information on the magazine please send
  e-mail to
  BEYOND UFOLOGY: Meeting With The Alien by Paul Devereux
  Come on without, come on within,
  You've not seen nothin' like the Mighty Quinn
  Bob Dylan, "The Mighty Quinn"
  [B. Feldman & Co. Ltd.,  1970]
  If we let Dylan's "Mighty Quinn" symbolise the "alien" at the heart
  of most mainstream "ufological" thinking, we have a good image
  of the almost unperceived conceptual split that has taken place
  within the subject area.

  On the one hand, there is the focus on unidentified objects seen
  primarily in the skies, which are perceived -- "identified", as it . . .

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