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Monroe, Bill

1922 - 1996

Father of Bluegrass music, composer of "Blue Moon Of Kentucky".

Bob Dylan on Bill Monroe in the November 1987 Rolling Stone interview
by Kurt Loder:

    Do you still listen to the artists you started out with?

    The stuff that I grew up on never grows old.  I was just fortunate
    enough to get it and understand it at that early age, and it still
    rings true for me.. I'd still rather listen to Bill and Charlie
    Monroe than any current record.  That's what America's all about to
    me.  I mean, they don't have to make any more new records -- there's
    enough old ones, you know?  I went in a record store a couple of
    weeks ago -- I wouldn't know what to buy.  There's so many kinds of
    records out.

Another Bill Monroe mention is to be found in a March 1985 interview
(published in Flanagan's "Written In My Soul")  :

    Are there thoughts that go by that you resist writing about?

    Everything I've written about I can relate to. There's a lot of
    stuff I hear that I wouldn't write about, because it don't mean
    anything to me. You hear people talk every day, and most of it goes
    in one ear and doesn't even come out. Or it goes in then out the
    other. Bill Monroe once said he got his best thinking done when
    people were talking to him. I always liked that.

You might like to check out the following, as was posted to a couple of years ago:

    TITLE:   [United States, Indiana, Bloomington, 1966]
    YEAR:    1966
    FORMAT:  1 sound tape reel : analog, 7 1/2 ips, full track, mono. ; 
             7 in. + documentation
    NOTES:   "Bob Dylan in Nashville"--Notes.
             Accompanied by brief biographical and topical notes.
             A complete transcription of this recording has been 
             published in the Journal of Country Music 7 (Dec. 1978): 
             54-66. Deposited at the Archives of Traditional Music by 
             Rosenberg in 1966 under option 1. Neil Rosenberg 
             interviewing Pete Rowan and Richard Greene. Recorded July 
             18, 1966 by Rosenberg at Indiana University, Bloomington.
             Rowan and Greene, members of Bill Monroe's band, discuss 
             and critique a Bob Dylan recording session held in 
             Nashville, Tennessee in April of 1966.  Following this is a 
             general discussion of the "Nashville sound" and recording 
             sessions in general.
    SUBJECT: Dylan, Bob, -- 1941- -- History.
             Nashville (Tenn.) -- Music.
    OTHER:   Indiana University, Bloomington. Archives of Traditional 

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