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Morrison, Van


With Them, Morrison was a rough and tumble R&B singer..who was capable of bringing Irish soul to Bob Dylan's "It's All OverNow Baby Blue".

From: "Brian James" (
Subject: LA Times Article w/ D. content
Date: Tue, 17 Nov 1998 20:35:24 -0500

An article on Janet Planet, Van Morrison's ex-wife, 
appeared in today's LA Times w some Dylan content, 
circa Woodstock years --

The Dylan content:

Janet says they moved to Woodstock largely to be in 
the vicinity of Bob Dylan, who was living there at 
the time.

     Seeking Dylan
     "Van fully intended to become Dylan's best 
friend, but the whole time we were there they never 
met." She winced at the memory. "Every time we'd 
drive past Dylan's house--Van didn't drive, I did--
Van would just stare wistfully out the window at 
the gravel road leading to Dylan's place. He thought 
Dylan was the only contemporary worthy of his 
attention. But back then, Bob just wasn't interested 
in him.

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