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Morrongiello, Tommy

Tommy Morrongiello Mad Dog

a.k.a. Mad Dog 

Bob Dylan's guitar roadie, 1993?- 

Started playing some guitar in some concerts from 22 July 2003 in
Idaho until 08 June 2004 in Delaware, without acknowledgement, rather
in the background, with Bob Dylan on the piano. 

He has been a guitarist in Mountain, in The Criminals, in The Helen
Wheels Band and with Gary Private, Jimmy Destri, Ian Hunter and David
Byron. He produced the  New York punk album Max's Kansas City 1976
(RAM, 1976). 

The Criminals



Stage Technicians - Tom Morrongiello

Subject: New guitar player?
From: Steve  bcsphil at
Date: Fri, 8 Aug 2003 20:29:52 -0500

Just got home from Noblesville and Columbus shows.  Why is the guy who used
to hand Bob his guitars, when Bob was playing guitar, now playing guitar
himself on some songs?  At the Columbus it was like Bob calling his dog
over.  Bob would snap his fingers the guy (don't know his name) would run
over, Bob would point to one of two guitars and the guy would pick the
guitar up and start playing.  Just prior to the end of the song he would set
the guitar down and run off to do something.  Before both shows he was
wearing shorts but would change into long pants before playing guitar.  Tony
seemed amused at most of this.

Cf Diaz, Cesar

Video: Cedar Rapids Iowa 3 April 2000? At 2:45 Tommy hands the girls something(YouTube)

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