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Neuwirth, Bobby

First met Dylan at the Indian Neck Festival in May 1961. He subsequently 
became Dylan's regular sidekick on his mid-sixties tours. They were reunited 
on the Rolling Thunder Revues of 1975/6.

Clinton Heylin:"Bob Dylan: Behind The Shades, a Biography"

Ed: Bob Neuwirth (Dylan's old buddy), reissue of 99 MONKEYS (Koch). (Neuwirth, among other things, is the guy standing behind Dylan on the HIGHWAY 61 REVISITED cover.
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 1995 23:35:57 GMT From: Joseph Cliburn (jcliburn@FLINTCREEK.WIN.NET) Subject: Re: Bobby Neuwirth??? In article, paula (pbrehm@INDIANA.EDU) writes: >I read Spitz's bio. of Bobby a few years ago (and I agree that it is of >questionable value, but I could say the same of Shelton's attempt, which >has received an occasssional endorsement on this list) and recall Spitz >going on about Bob's friend Bobby "Neuwirth" (I know that is the wrong >spelling, but I am hoping someone will know what I am talking about) >I'm curious whatever happened to him-anybody know???? I bought a CD in the cut-out bin @ WalMart for $3.99 about four months ago. They had several. I'd recommend waiting until they've gotten 'em down to about $1.99 if you want to get your money's worth. Neuwirth is what I've always called a "sucking chest wound singer." The CD's called "99 Monkeys", it was released several years ago, & I haven't listened to it all the way thru *yet*. Ho hum... If fact, I think the title of the CD itself is related to an old story about locking up 99 monkeys in a room with 99 typewriters & sooner or later you'll get the complete works of Shakespeare. It just takes a long time. Neuwirth may have waited half his life, but he didn't wait long enough IMO. Neuwirth is the hep-cat who clogged up the screen in "Don't Look Back." He clogged up both stage & screen for the Rolling Thunder Revue. Bob must like him a lot. I've always thought he was a rather lame performer. He had a reputation for being really cruel -- Scaduto's bio attributes some of BD's viciousness to Neuwirth's influence. Haven't read Spitz... And, oh, yes, a wise man in the West once told me that Neuwirth is the fellow who coined the line "When your lost in the rain in Juarez." tells us: Bob Neuwirth has continued to be active in the folk/rock scene. He was at one time in a band called Guam with T Bone Burnett, David Mansfield, Steve Soles, and Roger McGuinn. His more recent albums include Back to the Front (Gold Castle Records, 1988), Look Up (Watermelon Records, 1996), and (with John Cale) Last Day on Earth (Watermelon Records, 1996?). Look Up includes a track with Patti Smith: the song "Just Like You" was co-written by Patti, and she sings the vocals for it. Neuwirth has collaborated with numerous others including Janis Joplin ("Mercedes Benz"), Gary Lucas (new album?), Dan Zanes (Cool Down Time), Tom Russell (Hurricane Season), T Bone Burnett (My Own Hat), and Peter Case (Six Pack of Love). He often appears live, especially in folk concerts and festivals...
David Faciane ( writes: Last sighted in 1978 in "Renaldo and Clara" AFAIK... just wondering what happened to him. BTW what was with him in the "When I Paint My Masterpiece" opening segment of R&C... jumping around like he had to go to the bathroom? :)
Subject: Re: Whatever happened to... Bob Neuwirth? From: Rodney Hamon ( Date: Fri, 3 Jul 1998 08:44:42 +0100 He's still performing and recording. These are his albums that I'm aware of (because I have them)... "Look Up" Watermelon 1050 (1996) "Last Day On Earth" MCA 11037 (1994) with John Cale "99 Monkeys" Gold Castle 71347 (1990) "Back To The Front" Gold Castle 171015 (1988) "Bob Neuwirth" Asylum 7E-1008 (1974) -- Rodney
Subject: Re: Whatever happened to... Bob Neuwirth? From: Dag Braathen ( Date: Fri, 03 Jul 1998 16:04:06 +0200 found this:">cddb -- Bob Dylan - Shelter From The Storm
Subject: Re: Bob Nuewirth From: Nobody but me Date: Thu, 06 Jan 2000 03:15:37 GMT ... Neuwirth was Dylan's friend, big brother, road-warrior and chief harmonica tapper. He is also a singer/songwriter of note himself. "99 Monkeys" remains, in my view at least, one awesomely great album. He did stuff with the Alpha Band, appeared in "Renaldo and Clara" amongst other things. For a large chunk of Dylan's career Neuwirth was there and his influence should not be under-valued. I think he was also a painter but don't know much (ok... anything) about that.
Subject: Re: Bob Nuewirth From: Peter Stone Brown Date: Wed, 05 Jan 2000 23:27:06 -0500 ... Neuwirth wasn't really known as a songwriter at that time though he did play around the Cambridge folk scene. He was a scenester, officially Dylan's road manager, best buddy and partner in crime. For more about Neuwirth check out the great book on the Cambridge folk scene, "Baby Let Me Follow You Down," by Jim Rooney and Eric Von Schmidt.
Subject: Re: Bob Nuewirth From: Pete Oppel Date: 6 Jan 2000 07:17:52 -0800 Organization: None Musician and painter Bob Neuwirth is most known to the world at large from his association with the legendary Bob Dylan. Appearing as Dylan's tour manager and crony in D.A. Pennebaker's 1966 tour documentary Don't Look Back, Neuwirth displayed a penchant for performing cruel humor at the expense of awestruck Dylan fans and imitators such as Donovan Leitch. Neuwirth first came to prominence while studying art at the Boston Museum School. There he met folk musicians such as Maria Muldaur and Joan Baez who performed at the same Cambridge clubs and coffeehouses as the harmonica clad Neuwirth. Through his association with Baez, he eventually met Dylan and the two found that their penchant for cruel humor and psychological manipulation of others were akin. The young artist became Dylan's tour manager and constant companion throughout the turbulent period of the mid to late '60s, eventually assembling and acting as MC for Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue. In recent years Neuwirth has stepped out on his own, releasing several critically praised, acoustic drenched albums on Gold Castle Records, such as 1989's Back to the Front; his recordings in the '90s include 1991's 99 Monkeys and 1996's Look Up. Neuwirth also collaborated on an album with Velvet Underground alum John Cale. He has since devoted his time to his first pursuit, painting. -- Steve Kurutz, All Music Guide
Subject: Re: Bob Nuewirth From: Jinxblues Date: 06 Jan 2000 18:53:07 GMT >There he met folk musicians such as Maria Muldaur and Joan Baez who >performed at the same Cambridge clubs and coffeehouses as the harmonica clad >Neuwirth. This is not so. Maria Muldaur was Maria D'Amato and playing in the Even Dozen Jug Band in NYC at this time and did not come up to Cambridge unless after she had met Geoffrey and joined the Jim Kweskin Jug Band.

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