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O'Keefe, Danny

Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 14:49:33 GMT From: David Sage (dsage@UOGUELPH.CA) Subject: Re: Well Well Well ethelred (rwlingsw@STUDENTS.WISC.EDU) wrote: : >EssMaze ( wrote: : >: Pardon my ignorance -- I'm no Dylan fanatic. But I was listening to : >: Mountain Stage Saturday night and David Lindley did this song, introduced : >: as by Dylan and Danny O'Keefe. Can someone tell me where it comes from? : >Who is Danny O'Keefe? Danny O'Keefe was/is a pretty good singer/songwriter who had his big "hit" back in the mid 70s with "Good Time Charlie." He put out at least three albums at that time. The material was streaky, or so I thought at that time. He wrote some great tunes though...(also one called "The Road" I think). I know he's still around; I saw him on American Music Shop a year or so ago. He sounded as good as ever and looked as though he might have cleaned it up; the gossip in the old days was that he was too fond of his substances to ever "amount" to anything. David.

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