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Olson, Carla

From: Ed Ricardo
Subject: Who's Who
Date: Thu, 25 Oct 2001 15:50:40 +0100

Olson, Carla 

Carla Olson persevered with the Textones, but kept her eyes wide open
for other musical possibilities. In 1983, Bob Dylan invited her to
appear in his first ever music video, "Sweetheart Like You," from his
excellent INFIDELS album. In the video, Carla mimes a guitar part and
solo, both of which were actually recorded (in the studio sessions) by
Mick Taylor, guitarist extraordinaire, ex of John Mayall and the
Rolling Stones. Carla and Mick communicated on the telephone over long
distance about the event, thus beginning a long friendship between the
two which would eventually result in a tremendous live album... 

Carla Olson web site Ed

Clean Cut Kid was given to Carla as a thank you for appearing in the SLY video. Her version came out before Bob's. Hers featured Ry Cooder on slide guitar and Barry Goldberg on piano. Also, on Carla's album, The Ring Of Truth, released in 2002, she covers Can you Please Crawl Out Your Window? Barry/piano, Mick Taylor/guitar, Gregg Sutton/bass (from the Infidels tour) and John Sebastian on harmonica. Do you have, forgot to check, that Jakob Dylan sings on the new Percy Sledge album Shining Through The Rain? Written by Mikael Rickfors, Hasse Huss & Carla Olson. Produced by Saul Davis and... Barry Goldberg. Do you know about the Barry Goldberg album called Stoned Again from about 2 years ago? All Stones songs done as instrumental Blues - produced by Carla and guitars are mostly by Denny Freeman + some Mick Taylor and Carla too. It's on Antone's Records / Texas Music Group, Austin, TX best, Saul Davis

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