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Paine, Tom

As I Went Out One Morning / John Wesley Harding / 1967

As I went out one morning To breathe the air around Tom Paine's, I spied the fairest damsel That ever did walk in chains. Subject: Re: Tom Paine From: James Zadok Date: Thu, 29 Jun 2000 21:28:23 -0400 A leading figure of the American Revolution, famous for having written "Common Sense," a pamphlet that is often considered to have played a key role in moving American public opinion towards support of revolution against the British. Have a look at: Some believe that "As I Went Out One Morning" is about the time in late 1963 when Dylan received the Tom Paine Award of the Emergency Civil Liberties Committee and made some less than welcome remarks about the Kennedy assassination. paddype1 at I work in the West Village and recently noticed that approximately 3 blocks away from Dylan's famous 161 W. 4th Street apt is 59 Grove Street where Thomas Paine died -- now the site of Marie's Crisis Cafˇ. There is a pretty old, bronze plaque commemorating Paine's residency at this address on the front of the building. Not sure if it was there during Dylan's day, but an interesting consideration nonetheless.

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