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Parsons, Gram

Date: Fri, 21 Apr 1995 00:32:02 +0000
From: Kyle Vaughn (Kyle_Vaughn@BAYLOR.EDU)
Subject: Gram Parsons infor

Weellll, I made a posting asking about Gram Parsons recording with Dylan and I've only gotten one response - it seems no one else really knew who Gram was - or if they did they didn't know how important he was.

Gram basically invented country-rock. Gram's first recording group was the Shilohs, which I have not been able to get any info on or recordings of - if anyoine ahas recordings of the Shilohs, please contact me. Anyway, He ended up with the Byrds - made Sweethearts of the Rodeo with them. Due to an argument with Roger McGuinn, Grams vocals were dubbed over before the album was released, but really after Gram had decided to leave - the voice on most of the songs is actually McGuinn and not Parsons - but McGuinn was doing a great impersonation of Gram's voice - thankfully today the original recordings w/ Gram's voice are available today on the Byrd's box set. Gram joined the Flying Burrito Brothers, and Chris Hillman of the Byrds joined him in this band. They did some amazing work in the FBB. Gram left the FBB I think in 71, maybe early 72 to do solo work, which he recorded with Emmylou Harris.

Dylan had been a big influence on Gram. Gram did alot of covers, about 50% old country songs, about 50% Dylan. (He wrote alot of classics himself, though). Some of the best Byrds covers are on Sweetheart of the Rodeo. Gram was also influenced by the Rolling Stones. Gram had an interesting effect on those he admired, though. First off, the Stones wrote Wild Horses for and about Gram - and originally gave it to Gram to record - they were'nt going to record it at all-though later they did. And Gram is the whole reason the stones made albums like Beggars Banquet. And Gram did the arrangement for "Country Honk" on Let IT Bleed. As for Dylan, well, he already had a lot of roots in country music, and he was very impressed with Gram. I don't know anything about them really knowing each other personally or ever recording together, that's what I was trying to find out. I do know that Gram's music influenced Dylan a lot in the early to mid 70's - Dylan dedicated Desire to Gram - I don't think that's on the liner notes- but I know that he did - and Gram was the whole reason that Dylan used Emmylou Harris on Desire.

Anyway, just thought I'd shed a little light.

Disclaimer: My facts may not exactly be in correct chronological order.

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