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Penn, Sean Justin

Sean Penn (born August 17, 1960) is a American film actor noted for
his inflammatory and sometimes violent personality. Penn is the son of
director Leo Penn, who was blacklisted during McCarthyism for refusing
to testify. 

Oscar-winning actor ("Mystic River") Sean Penn reads the audiobook
version of Bob Dylan's "Chronicles: Volume One" (Simon & Schuster

The book and audiobook comprise the first in a series of the
singer-songwriter's personal histories, with the first volume
consisting of first-person narratives focusing on significant periods
in Dylan's life and career. 

The audiobook version runs for six hours on four cassettes or five

"When we were thinking of actors to read the Bob Dylan audiobook, the
first name on our list was Sean Penn," said Chris Lynch, executive
vice president and publisher of Simon & Schuster Audio, in a
statement. "We knew he would be perfect for the material, and we are
absolutely thrilled that an actor of his caliber will be reading
'Chronicles.' "

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Sean Penn named his daughter after Bob Dylan, Dylan Frances Penn (b.
13 April 1991). He named his son after Dennis Hopper and Jack
Nicholson, Hopper Jack Penn (b. 6 August 1993). Bruce Springsteen
presented him with the John Steinbeck award at the Palace of Fine Arts
in San Francisco on September 11 2004. His father was Jewish of
Russian and Lithuanian blood and his mother was an Irish Catholic. 

"I had a house burn down once, and everything in life burned, except
my family, and it was so liberating. I didn't have a bad moment about
it. It sort of reinvigorated my interest in a lot of things. I wonder
if there should be some kind of anarchy."

"I was brought up in a country that relished fear-based religion,
corrupt government, and an entire white population living on stolen
property that they murdered for and that is passed on from generation
to generation."

From Miss Information

Q: You're the reader on the audio version of Bob Dylan's "Chronicles."
How'd that come about?
A: He called. You don't say no to Bob. It's the first and last time
I'll do it though. It's a big job.
Q: Are you friends?
A: Friendly acquaintances. I've never known him very well. There was a
period of time when we used to box together. I had a ring at my house.
Q: Who came out ahead in those matches?
A: The interest was serious, but it was just for enjoyment.
Q: No broken bones?
A: No broken bones. No trips to the emergency room.
Q: You don't want to be the guy who put Bob Dylan in the hospital.
A: No. Or have it be the other way around.
Q: You say you'd never do another one of these audiobooks, but, you
know, Dylan says he has two more volumes coming.
A: Yeah, I know. (Laughs) I've changed my number. (Laughs) I think you
should only read books aloud for people who are shorter than you.

Article Published: Sunday, January 09, 2005 - 12:00:00 AM PST U Redlands 

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