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Perry, Fred

Manager for Bob Dylan's concert tours in the United Kingdom during 1965
and 1966. Difficulty of road managing Dylan and his entourage during
those tours can only be imagined. Fred's important role at keeping Bob
happy and making sure that the concerts occurred on time and as expected
is briefly revealed during the films "Dont Look Back" (D. A. Pennebaker)
and "No Direction Home" (Martin Scorsese). He had a notable on screen
speaking part during his reading from a newspaper review of Dylan's 1965
Sheffield concert.

During that same era, Fred Perry also served as tour manager for the
English pop group, Herman's Hermits. Unlike some people in his position,
Fred was generally appreciated by journalists covering the musical acts
because he did his best to help reporters do their job without imposing
niggling little restrictions.

From Bob Stacy June 7, 2013

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