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Pullen, Suzie

Dylan sang Happy Birthday to "Susie" in his concert in Paris on June 30, 1998.

Bob Dylan - Mama You Been On My Mind & Happy Birthday Paris 1998 - (YouTube)  

Which Susie might this be?

Subject: Happy Birthday to Suzie who?
Date:    Thu, 02 Jul 1998 22:55:22 GMT

     If I'm not mistaken, Clinton Heylin's Dylan chronology reports that, on a
previous occasion, Dylan sang "Happy Birthday" for his longtime "dresser,"
Suzie Pullen.  Indeed, one of the previous listings for performances of "Happy
Birthday" was June 30, 1986.  So she's a much more likely "target" of the song
than Ms. Ross.

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She also designed the Bob Dylan logo (Eye logo)

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