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Rita May

Rita May / Real Live / (Adam K. Powers):

The song is supposedly about writer Rita Mae Brown, who had published "Rubyfruit Jungle" early/mid 1970's... I've never quite been able to make the connection, tho', other than that both the song and Brown's writings tend to rely on the sensual...

Subject: Rita Mae, Rita Mae From: Patricia Jungwirth Date: 8 Feb 2000 18:10:26 -0800 RADIO NATIONAL HIGHLIGHTS EARSHOT - Dyke Beat Utopias Saturday, February 12, 5:30pm, repeat, Wednesday, February 16, 11:30am In 1975, Rita Mae Brown expressed her disappointment at the lesbian's lack of opportunity for casual sex. She described dressing in male drag and invading Xanadu, a gay male bathhouse in New York. Yet women had built no Xanadus where they could make casual contacts, not only because they lacked the money but also because they lacked the concept. They had been too well taught that sex for the sake of sex is wrong, that it must at least be connected with romance. And she suggested that this had limited lesbians' choices. Ali Benton explores lesbian lust and libido as she goes in search of a dyke beat culture in Sydney.

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