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Robert and Johnny

Subject: John Bucklen tape -- longer version circulating?
Date: Tue, 07 September 1999 11:55 AM EDT

     In his recent book "Flowers In The Dustbin," onetime Newsweek
music writer James Miller notes that the surviving Dylan home
recordings from 1958 include a version of "Robert and Johnny's
dreamy 'We Belong Together.'"  This song doesn't match any list for the
Bucklen tape fragments that I've seen, unless it's an alternate title
for "Buzz Buzz Buzz."  Miller isn't clear about his source for the
information, but implies he heard it on a version of the "Highway 61
Revisited" TV documentary that Griel Marcus played for him.
    Can anybody shed any light on this.  For that matter, can somebody
identify "Robert and Johnny" for me [and Miller was not referring to
Dylan and Bucklen here]?

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Robert Carr and Johnny Mitchell were two kids from the Bronx who
signed with the Old Town record label in 1955.  As Robert and
Johnny, they hit #32 on the charts with "We Belong Together" in
March 1958--just in time for Bob and John to hear it on the radio
and decide to imitate it.

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