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Robinson, Smokey

(Paul Bagnell) (PaulB0331):
Subject: Greatest living American Poet -- according to Bob

Here is a brief excerpt from a review of the new Smokey Robinson boxed set, from the Nov. 13/94 edition of the Washington Post. (Page G13). Review written by Geoffrey Hines:

It was as a lyricist, though, that Robinson really shone. Bob Dylan called him America's greatest living poet, and no American of their generation could match Robinson's ability to turn cliches inside out and run riff after riff on the same metaphor. His vivid images, such as the salt trails from dried tears on a smiling face, were subtle yet perfectly clear. Moreover, he had a terrific ear for the way words rhyme and coalesce around a beat, as in the bridge from the same song, "The Track of My Tears," where he sings, "I'm just a clown since you put me down; my smile is my makeup I wear since my breakup with you."

Steve Harrison (100442.2245@CompuServe.COM):
..of course, there is a school of thought which argues Bob was being ironic when he said this.

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