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Rogerson, Margie

Fashion designer with a claim to having been Bob Dylan's main squeeze. Bob Dylan Press

Date: Mon, 14 Jun 1999 14:21:05 EDT From: Goldberrys Since you have chosen to include me in this list perhaps you should include the some of the other items in the press regarding Dylan & goldberry. I have not posted my entire press kit (about 35 pieces) some of which mentions Dylan. Here's some history so you know a bit about who I am (was) in Dylan's life. Everything below is documented with letters, photos and/or press. The first record with reference to me is Street Legal (1978) but at that time he was still just a friend of mutual friends and a customer, who was flashing on me. Is Your Love In Vain is about a note I wrote and included in his first order as a joke about how I could also cook. Joan and Howard Alk (Don't Look Back, Eat the Document and Renaldo & Clara) were goldberry customers. They were living in Malibu next door to Dylan's house on Birdview while working on Renaldo & Clara. Joan Alk was the go between for the first capes Dylan ordered in the fall/winter of 1977. I was the best friends of Joan & Edward Merrifield who also lived in Malibu at that time. Joan was very close to Sara & introduced me to her in 1978 just before Street Legal, was released. (Dylan & I got actually got together some years later in January1983.) Edward (who now goes by Heyoka Merrifield) was good friends with George Harrison and did work for many famous people in the entertainment industry. Edward has two books about his work including photos documenting the pieces for Dylan as well as Cher, Elton John, Donovan, Stevie Nicks, Cheryl Tiegs, Michael Jackson, Tom Petty, Joni Mitchell & the movie's: "Love at First Bite" and "King of the Gypsies". I carried their work in goldberry and both of our collections were featured in Saks Fifth Avenue at the same time. You can see the Merrifield's jewelry on the previous album jacket Desire & on all the musicians in The Last Waltz. Isis is the name of the eldest of their three daughters. The copper dome on Dylan's house in Malibu was built in 1976 by my boyfriend at that time, Steve Hart, who also worked for many people in the entertainment industry, including Rod Steward, Barbara Streisand, & Carol King. (There is a good picture of the copper dome in Time Magazine, 1976.) I paid for the copper in exchange for his huge Medusa sculpture which was in my store for a number of years until Steve paid me back & I returned the piece to him. Steve was working with Robert Gilbert who handled the artists working on Dylan's house under the direction of the architect Mr. Tobin. I visited the house in 1976 while it was under construction. Steve was living on the grounds and introduced me to Robert Gilbert who gave me a tour of the house. You are free to use the above information as long as you don't edit the meaning or content. Dec 4, 2017: 7 extraordinary pieces of Americana Five versions of an original unpublished love poem by Bob Dylan - (Christie's) DYLAN, Bob (b.1941), and ROGERSON, Margie (b.1947). Five autograph manuscript versions of the poem "Your Features" in Dylan's hand, three of these collaborative works illuminated with original drawings by Rogerson, c.2001. - (Christie's)

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