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Rolling Thunder

Rolling Thunder (John Pope) 1917 1997

Rolling thunder was born of the Paint Clan of the Cherokees, the
clan of the medicine people. He was an activist for Indian
rights, and a powerful healer who helped thousands of people
during his 80 years. During the 60s and 70s he began to shift
focus from Indian land issues to traveling among non-natives to
teach the Indian ways of respecting and honoring the earth and
all living things. It was during this time that the Grateful Dead
sought him out, much like the Beatles had sought out their
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi. The Dead introduced their friend Bob Dylan
to Rolling Thunder. Jerry Garcia produced the album Uncle John's
Band, a tribute to Rolling Thunder. Bob Dylan led the Rolling
Thunder Review.

For more information about this mystical healer, there are 2 books available:

Rolling Thunder by Doug Boyd

Rolling Thunder Speaks by Rolling Thunder

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