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Ronson, Mick

A surprise inclusion as lead guitarist on the two Rolling Thunder tours in 1975/6, considering his background as David Bowie's right-hand man and bandleader during the heights of glam-rock.

Clinton Heylin:"Bob Dylan: Behind The Shades, a Biography"
Plays security guard in "Renaldo and Clara"

Shepard, Sam: Rolling Thunder Logbook:
English guitar hero. What every mother warns her daughters about. Chief instigator of the "make-up" craze which swept through Rolling Thunder like a brush fire. Da da!

Date: Sat, 8 Apr 1995 11:31:15 +0200
From: "John G. Jensen" (johngj@OSLONETT.NO)
Subject: Re: Dylan and Ronson

Mick Ronson who sadly died of cancer, didnt play in T.Rex, he was a member of David Bowies backup-group "Spiders Of Mars", he also made most of the arrangments of Bowies work dating before the "Ziggy Stardust" album. Ronson is one of the most underated musicians of rock. he also produced a album for R.Maquinn, and played in late Mott The Hoople, and also with Ian Hunter.

Date: Wed, 12 Apr 1995 01:10:48 GMT
From: Justin Purington (jnp@BOTTOMLINE.COM)
Subject: Re: Dylan and Ronson

Ronson freak adds his two cents:

Ronson was indeed an underrated musician, arranger, and producer.
Just a few of his accomplishments:

Walk On The Wild Side - Lou Reed (arranger/producer)
Amie - Pure Prairie League (arranger)
Jack And Diane - John Cougar (arranger/acoustic guitar)
He also played with Dr John, Bob Dylan, Van Morrison, Mott The Hoople,
Ian Hunter, Morrissey, David Johansen, Payolas, Philip Rambow,
T Bone Burnette, David Lynn Jones, David Cassidy(!), Lulu(!),
Marc Bolan, Roger Daltrey, Fatal Flowers, Steve Harley, Roger McGuinn,
Ellen Foley, Meatloaf, Genya Ravan, Rich Kids, Andy Sexgang, Midge Ure,
Sparks, ......

Date: Fri, 25 Aug 1995 00:49:08 GMT From: Justin Purington (jnp@BOTTOMLINE.COM) Subject: Re: BOWIE DYLAN >has bob ever expressed an opinion of bowie ... > the two greatest lyricists in rock n roll, is there a connection? Bowie and Dylan shared a phenomenal guitarist in Mick Ronson, who was responsible for many of Bowie's arrangements. After playing on the Rolling Thunder tour, Ronson worked as a producer and session player for many of the RTR musicians incl. Kinky Friedman, Roger McGuinn, Topaz, etc.

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