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Jeff Rosen (center) , Dylan's manager seen here at the 2005 NYC premiere of No Direction Home with co-producers Nigel Sinclair and Susan Lacey
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Published March 7, 2012 at 400x273 in Bob Dylan Complete CD Box Set Fall 2012

Rosen, Jeff

Ed Ricardo:
Could anyone provide dates for Bob Dylan's lawyer David Braun and his business manager Jeff Rosen, for Karl Erik's Who's Who?
Barry Welch:
I say let them find their own dates. Geeze, that's what I gotta do.
Geoffrey Meyer:
Hell, let them scrounge up their own damn dates. (I am looking forward to the buffet, though.)

Jeff Rosen, PO Box 860, Cooper Station, New York, NY 10276

JEFF ROSEN, Producer
For the last twelve years [i.e. from 1989], Jeff Rosen has worked as General Manager
to Bob Dylan's business and music publishing enterprises.
During this time, he and Dylan have built a video library of American music.
In addition to these responsibilities, Rosen produced Biograph,
one of the record industry's first "box sets."
He also served as producer on the Bob Dylan 30th Anniversary Tribute Concert
that was a live pay-per-view event and a PBS special.
Rosen has worked as a consultant for Columbia Records, Paradise Music, Sony Music,
Sony Online Entertainment, the Jimi Hendrix Estate, Time Life Records and Time Life Home Video.
He has written articles on music which have appeared in Musician Magazine, Spin and High Times
as well as numerous liner notes.
He was associate producer of Sweet Home Chicago, a documentary about Chicago blues for the BBC.
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