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Santos, Al

Al Santos

Stage Manager Bob Dylan's 1994 tour...

Normally the man whose voice announces at the start of a Dylan concert: 
"Ladies and Gentlemen, will you please welcome Columbia Recording artist BOB DYLAN!!"

Subject: Re: who does "good evening" intro? (ANI) From: CovWoman61 Date: 23 Jan 2000 05:17:14 GMT ... If you have watched a set up for Dylan's equipment, you have seen Al. He is always dressed in dark slacks & dark t shirt. He is about 5'9", very trim build. Hair is kept real short. I have two Al Santos stories. In March 99, at the opening of the House of Blues in Las Vegas, I ran into Al three times before showtime. It all was coincidental (we were staying at the same hotel) but I was getting a bit worried that he would think I was stalking him. At one point, I asked him if he would give something to Dylan from me and he nicely replied, "The dictum one accepts anything in Bob Dylan's name." In November 99, at the Continental arena in New Jersey, I had taken 4 nieces to the show and we mapped out our spot two persons behind the railing in the VIP-GA section. Unlike all the other GA shows, I knew that my place was assured and therefore, I did not hesitate to answer nature's calls. As I was leaving the floor, I had to pass through two security check points. Who do I see being detained by Security as he looks through his fanny pack for ID, but Al Santos. I walked over to the Security guard and said, "I'll vouch for him". At this point Al looks up at me and there was a hint of recognition, so I said, "House of Blues, Las Vegas... March" It looked like that placed the face for him, just as he found his pass. Security let him through and he took hold of my hand in both of his. He spoke a few words to me but I didn't hear see, in the twinklin' of an eye.. I lost thirty years. I was sixteen again and my face was flushed for all the right reasons at this stage of the game. As he proceded towards the stage, he still held my hand in his, thereby turning me 180 degrees around until our hands separated and he continued to walk backwards extending the good-bye. Eventually, he was out of sight and I turned to continue on my way.... I said to myself, " A little reality check here....either he is the most congenial guy on the planet he turned me around in one direction, it allowed Bob Dylan to pass on the other side of me unnoticed, unharrassed etc. What a loyal, sharp, protective & dedicated employee." Ronnie

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