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Sedgwick, Jonathan

Brother of Edie Sedgwick. He has commented on her relationship
with Bob Dylan, suggested that she was pregnant by him and and
had a subsequent abortion.

Jonathan Sedgwick told the producers of the picture, which stars
Sienna Miller as Edie, Guy Pearce as Andy Warhol and Hayden
Christensen as a folk-singer who performs in Dylan's trademark
harmonica brace and fishing cap.

Jonathan says on the tape: "One day, she called me up, and she
said, 'I've met someone.' She didn't tell me who it was, but,
'He's a folk singer. He's fabulously talented, and he's full of
conviction' . . . Later on, Edie explained to me it was Bob

"She told me she was totally in love with him . . . she also
explained . . . she lost a child which she claims was Bob Dylan's
child. She had gotten into an insane asylum, and she was so
wacked out on drugs that they aborted her because the child
would've been just strung out . . . she said that was the saddest
moment of her life."

Jonathan said, "Her biggest joy was with Bob Dylan, and her
saddest time was with Bob Dylan, losing the child. And Edie was
changed by that experience, very much so."

New York Post, Jan 2, 2007

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