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Shocked, Michelle

Date: Thu, 06 Feb 1997 08:52:53 +0100
From: Tom Smith ( 
Subject: Who's who


Thanks for doing such a good job with the Dylan stuff. I am not sure if this
is appropriate as an entry for Michelle Shocked in Who's Who, but I thought
I would see what you think:

One of my favorite twists on a Dylan line is from Michelle Shocked's
_Arkansas Traveler_ album. In the song "Come a Long Way," she is describing
a motorcycle ride through L.A.:

"The river she runs by the railroad track
I swear I'll never take it back
A train, she cries on the midnight hour
All along the Watts Tower"

_Arkansas Traveler_ is a very good album, incidentally, and Levon Helm helps
out on a tune or two.

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