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Simmons, Gene

The Dylan co-write, "Waiting for the Morning
Light," was born out of a one-day writing session
at Simmons' home in Los Angeles six or seven
years ago, the Kiss bassist/vocalist says.

"Bob came up with the chords, most of them,
and then I took it and wrote lyrics, melody, the
rest of it," he says, adding that he kept urging
Dylan through the years to put lyrics to the song.
"I'd see him on tour, and I'd say, 'Bob, you wanna
write the song? And he would say, 'No, man, you
write it, Mr. Kiss.' "

Of the one-day session, Simmons says, "We understood each other right
away. He picked up an acoustic guitar, and we just tossed it back and
forth, 'How 'bout this, how 'bout that?' And he started to strum,
because he -- at least with me -- tended to talk and strum guitar at
the same time. And as soon as I heard the first three or four chords,
I went, 'Wait, wait, what's that? Do that again.' So I went and
started to write a lyric around that."
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