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Smoke, the cat

Date: Fri, 10 Nov 1995 15:30:00 EST
Sender: The Bob Dylan Discussion List 
From: Patricia Jungwirth 
Subject: Re: What is the name of the cat that Bob Dylan is holding on the
              cover of "Bringing it all back home?
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Okay, folks, here's the answer to yesterday's trivia question:

Bob Dylan's cat's son was called Smoke. He was owned by Edie Sedgwick, and
he died in a fire at her apartment.

Domenique Bourgeois Robertson: She was more interested in her cat, who was
called Smoke. He was iron-gray, and Edie said he was wild and fierce, like a
young lion, or maybe a black leopard - "a symbol," she felt, "of life,
presence and pride."

Danny Fields:  She had a cat with her, Bob Dylan's cat's son. Smoke, his
name was. It was very soon after that the apartment caught fire and the cat
was lost.

Gregory Corso:  She did not die in the fire. The cat died in it. The cat was
named Smoke, and he went up in smoke.

                (from:  Edie: an American biography.
                        Stein, Jean.
                        London, Panther, 1984.

                       0586057854                   )

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