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Stanton, Harry Dean

Actor, 1926 - played in Renaldo and Clara and almost 100 other films.

Harry Dean Stanton plays Jesse Dupre, Kris
Kristofferson's friend and band mate, in "Cisco Pike"
(1972), Kristofferson's film debut, . The film also
featues a brief appearance by Doug Sahm.

Harry Dean Stanton stars in "Paris, Texas" (1984),
screenplay by Sam Shepard. 

Stanton is a musician  he sings one of the songs on
the "Paris, Texas" soundtrack  and has a band which
performs in LA.

On a more speculative note, would it be out of the
question to suspect that Dylan, whose early persona
has often been characterized as "Huck Finn", might
have seen the movie "The Adventures of Huckleberry
Finn" (1960), in which Stanton played the role of a
"Slave Catcher"?

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