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Thomas, Michael

On Wed, 19 Mar 1997 15:10:14 +0000, in Tiernan Henry (HENRY.TIERNAN@UCG.IE) wrote: The Guardian 2, the insert supplement that comes with the daily paper, has a story on Michel Thomas on its cover. The subject of an upcoming BBC2 documentary, "The Language Master" to be shown at 9.20pm March 23, Thomas is "a speed-course language master extraordinaire especially to the rich and famous. But his life has hardly been a case of French without tears." Christopher Robbins outlines Thomas' life from Lodz in Poland, where he was born, he moved to Breslau and then to France in 1933. Serving in the resistance he was captured, tortured and spent time in a labour camp. He was with the US troops that liberated Dachau. Moving to LA in 1947 he set up a langauge school. "Among the famous and necessarily rich who have come up with the $15,000 fee for one-on-one tuition are Woody Allen, Princess Grace of Monaco (who went to Thomas to learn French when first engaged to Prince Rainier), Raquel Welch, Barbra Streisand and Bob Dylan." There are photos of Allen, Streisand, Welch and Bob accompanying the piece; the Dylan one is a still from "Hearts of Fire", Bob sporting a Kevin Keeganesque poodle perm and a rictus smile that Tim Burton must have used to model The Joker. Tiernan

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