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Tom Thumb

Posted by Craig, May 95: Melbourne / Bob Dylan [and the Hawks] [19 April - 20 May 1966] Disc and Spine Title: Melbourne Cover title: Bob Dylan in "Melbourne, Australia" The Enigmatic Story of a Boy and his Dog... - with a cast of thousands! Wanted Man Music, WMM 023, 1993 Matrix: DL CD B 23123 Bob Dylan and the Hawks [later The Band]. The best of the four available CDs of this famous show for sound quality, the tape seems to have been remastered, so this could be highly recommended. Wanted Man Music has replaced their own Melbourne, Australia [T-237] with this! Bob Dylan's Dream : Historic Live Performances Vol. 1 [T-118] is not easily available any more so this CD may be the best you can get of this 1966 show. Melbourne, Australia [T-236] is no longer common either. Tell Me, Momma (7) is a real commotion. Vocals are REALLY loud, and he's just BELLOWING the lyrics. Really has a nice snarl to his voice. Amazing vocals, horrible sound. This CD's source is said to be a tape, not an acetate, but there is a "skip" during Tell Me, Momma at :59 into the song. "'re just gonna make everybody jump and roa//but you're so hard to find. Tell Me, Momma..." This is the case on all four CDs of this concert. Is it a tape splice and not a skip? There's a nice little monologue about Tom Thumb. "This is about a painter -- down in Mexico City, who travelled from North Mexico up to Del Rio, Texas all the time, his name's Tom Thumb, and uh, right now he's about 125 years old but he's still going, and uh, everybody likes him a lot down there, he's got lots of friends, and uh, this is when he was going through his BLUE period, of painting, and uh, he's made COUNTLESS amount of paintings, you couldn't think of 'em all. This is his blue period painting, I just dedicate this song to him, it's called Just Like Tom Thumb's BLUES. [very odd woman screaming, provoking audience laughter and applause] You, you know Tom Thumb?"

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