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Tyrangiel , Ruth


         Woman Wants $5M +

   LOS ANGELES--A woman who says she lived with Bob Dylan for nearly 20 years 
is suing the folk-rock superstar for at least $5 million plus an unspecified 
amount of palimony.
     In a lawsuit filed in Los Angeles Superior  Court Wednesday, Ruth 
Tryangiel said she was  always available to Dylan during their years together 
and that he had promised to marry her.
     Tryangiel also claims she helped Dylan in his  business decisions and 
assisted writing some of  his songs. The lawsuit says Tryangiel is entitled  
to $5 million based on property acquired while  they were living together 
and income from song  royalties and other sources.
     The lawsuit said she lived with the legendary folk singer from 1974 to 
     The suit said that early in their relationship,  Dylan and Tryangiel 
had agreed to represent themselves to the public as man and wife, and to share 
any income earned while they were together.
     On the palimony issue, the lawsuit says, "Plaintiff and defendant 
enjoyed and maintained  during the course of their relationship a certain  
standard of living, which standard of living  defendant promised to main 
for plaintiff the rest  of her life."
     Tryangiel alleges breach of contract, fraud, deceit and intentional 
infliction of emotional distresses, saying she has suffered "humiliation,  
mental anguish, emotional and physical injuries, loss of energy, severe 
tension and profound shock  and anxiety."
     Dylan's representatives were not immediately available for comment.

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CSMSAXS@MVS.OAC.UCLA.EDU (CSMSAXS (Arnie Stodolsky)) Subject: Dylan in the news Date: Thu, 03 Nov 1994 09:23 On the 11 o'clock news last night (KNBC in Los Angeles) and repeated again this morning on the early news, it was reported that Dylan has been sued for palimony. The woman named, Ruth Teringel (last name was mumbled both times, so I'm not sure if I have it spelled correctly) is suing for $5 million. Stated that she was his companion for 17 years and that they broke up in 1993. In both segments, the report was done as a voice over to a video that was attributed to his 30th Anniversary Concert, with the date 1991 shown. However, what they showed was a clip from The Last Waltz! Is this woman known to any rmd'ers as I've not heard her name before. Arnie (RoryBr):
Today's Washington Post reports that Ryth Tyrangiel, Bob Dylan's comapanion of nearly 20 years is suing him for more than $5 million, claiming she c0-wrote his music and helped manage his career before they broke uplast year. The suit doesn't say whih songs she says she penned. Dylan Punlicists Eliot Mintz said Thursday that the singer hadn't seen the a copy of the lawsuit. But, he said, the allegations in the suit as described in news reports are "categorically denied."
Who is Ruth Tyrangiel? If she has been a longtime companion for 20 years, there must be some history on her. (Andrew Muir):
This has probably been pointed out many times by now...but anyway : Ruth Tyrangiel (not Tryangiel) played the girlfriend in RENALDO & CLARA.

news@sol.UVic.CA (Stephen Scobie):
Ruth Tyrangiel appears in "Renaldo and Clara," where she plays the part of "The Girlfriend." She conducts that hilarious dialogue with Bob Dylan (played by Ronnie Hawkins) in which he tries to persuade her to come on the road with him. She also delivers to renaldo (played by Bob Dylan) the memorable line "Stand and bear yourself like the cross and I'll just receive you."
Now all she wants to receive is five million dollars.

People have asked about someone named Ruth before.

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