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The Painting By van Gogh

Date: Sat, 2 Mar 1996 22:24:51 -0500
From: "Steven Mazur (SAR)" (mazur@VIRTU.SAR.USF.EDU)
Subject: The Painting By Van Gogh

I took a stab at the lyrics (headphones--the REAL way to get lyric transcriptions) of this mysterious tune on "The Genuine Bootleg Series" (does it appear somewhere else as well?). Things appearing in brackets are my *guesses* at what is being sung. Then again, maybe the whole thing should be in brackets. I've also added quotation marks and punctuation where I thought it appropriate. And there are some notes (indicated by *) at the bottom. Any comments or suggestions are welcomed.

"The Painting By Van Gogh"

When I'd ask why the painting was deadly Nobody could [would?] pick up my sign 'Cept for the cook, she was always friendly But she'd only ask, "What's on your mind?" She'd say that especially when it was raining I'd say, "Oh I don't know" But then she'd press and I'd say, "You see that painting? [It's like] it's been done by Van Gogh." The cook she said call her Maria She'd always point for the same boy to come forth Saying, "He trades cattle, it's his own idea And he also makes trips to the north. Have you ever seen his naked calf bleed?" I'd say, "Oh no, why does it show?" And she'd whisper in my ear that he's a half breed And I'd say, "Fine, but can he paint like Van Gogh?" I can't remember his name he never gave it But I always figured he could go home Till when he'd gave me his card and said, "Save it" *I could see by his eyes he was alone. [? I could understand ?] how his four leaf clover Drawn on his calling card showed That it was given back to him a-many times over And it most definitely was not done by Van Gogh. **[Either she or] made just to please me Though I sensed she could not understand And she made a thing out of it by saying, "Go easy He's a straight, but he's a very crooked-straight man." And I'd say, "Does the girl in the [? cabin ?] doubt it? And by the way is it Marilyn Monroe?" But she'd just [speak] softly and say, "Why you wanna know about it?" And I'd say, "I was just wondering if she ever sat for Van Gogh." It was either her or the straight man who introduced me
[presumably incomplete]

* Great line
** Sounds like Bob was about to start singing the next verse but corrected himself mid-line.

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