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Ripper, Steven (Ed Ricardo):
In the film Highway 61 the credits list 
     Assistant Sound Editor ... Velcrow Ripper
     ADR Recordist          ... Velcrow Ripper

Who is Velcrow Ripper?

Drew Mutch (dmutch@MIT.EDU)
could that be a play on the sound velcro makes when you pull it apart?
Date: Wed, 31 May 2000 20:02:51 -0700 Subject: Who is Velcrow Ripper? From: gschwind at To: Hey there, There is a question "who is Velcrow Ripper?" The answer is, Velcrow Ripper is a Vancouver, BC, Canada, filmmaker and sound engineer. I think his real name is Steve. Vanessa Scared Scared imdb (RealAudio)

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