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Wallflowers, the

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Early Days

The Wallflowers began playing in 1990 in Los Angeles clubs and hot spots like
the Kibitz Room of Canter's Deli.  During the early gigs, the group wrote
"Ashes to Ashes," "Sugarfoot" and "Be Your Own Girl," songs that would appear
on their first album.

"The Wallflowers," released in 1992,  received fast praise and was awarded 3
1/2 stars by Rolling Stone.  Musician Magazine wrote that the album was an
"impressive debut by a real rock n' roll band," and The Wallflowers were on
their way to rock respectability and success.

Actually, it wasn't quite so easy. The band's relationship with Virgin
Records broke down when their contacts at the label left. At around the same
time, The Wallflowers' drummer quit to pursue a career with Natalie
Merchant's group. (Natalie's a proud Wallflowers fan herself.)

"We didn't feel like anyone was behind the group," said
singer/songwriter/rhythm guitarist Jakob Dylan,  in an interview with The
Salt Lake Tribune.  "They all say 'We're in it for the long haul,  we're all
behind you.'  We learned the hard way it wasn't true." Like any other
fledgling rock group, The Wallflowers had to set their own goals and fend for
themselves. The shake-ups prompted a lot a soul-searching among the band
members, and a fine-tuning of their songwriting skills and process.

The New Wallflowers

Three years later they signed a deal with Interscope for a new album titled
"Bringing Down the Horse." Dylan's bandmates now included guitarist Michael
Ward, bassist Greg Richling, and Rami Jaffee on Hammond B3 and piano.
(Drummer Matt Chamberlain was later replaced by Mario Calire.)  The album
featured such soon-to-be hit tracks as "6th Avenue Heartache," "One
Headlight," "The Difference," "Josephine" and "Three Marlenas."

"It's been three years since our first record and this time out we tried to
do something a little different, something a little more forward," said
Dylan.  "Bringing Down the Horse" is driven by what the Tribune describes as,
"Dylan's simple, yet revealing songwriting style and lyrical wordplay
[accompanied by] clever instrumentation."

When the videocassette featuring the "6th Avenue Heartache" clip first
appeared in the mail at VH1, it immediately began receiving heavy rotation on
the office VCRs of the channel's music department. The hallways rang with
Dylan's aching vocals, Ward's soaring guitar riffs, and the echoes of various
VH1 executives exclaiming uncontrollably, "This is a GREAT song!"

They weren't alone in that sentiment. The band received two Grammy
nominations this year including Best Group Rock Performance for "6th Avenue

The Wallflowers' Future

After surviving a challenging start in the music business, The Wallflowers
hope to stick around and earn some Grammys in the future.  But  Dylan knows
that it won't necessarily be easy to make it to the top - it takes hard work,
and The Wallflowers demand as much from each other. "It's not enough just to
be in a group," he said. "You have to want to be good too.  If you want this
to be your job, then everybody has to play well."

Jakob has also achieved enough musically to get past the early comparisons to
and questions about his famous and talented father, Bob Dylan. "The baggage
doesn't disappear," he said. "But you can't create and still think about that
kind of thing. You do the best you can."

He's driven to do his best by the sheer joy of songwriting. "It's great," he
told React Magazine. "You get addicted to that feeling: 'If I did that one, I
can do another one.'" Millions of new fans are eagerly awaiting the next one,
if it lives up to the beauty and power of "The Wallflowers" and "Bringing
Down The Horse."
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Bringing Down The Horse:
(Interscope Records, 1996)
One Headlight
6th Avenue Heartache
Three Marlenas
The Difference
Invisible City
Laughing Out Loud
God Don't Make Lonely Girls
Angel On My Bike
I Wish I Felt Nothing

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Be Your Own Girl
Another One In The Dark
Ashes To Ashes
After the Blackbird Sings
Somebody Else's Money
Asleep at the Wheel
For the Life of Me

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