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Warhol, Andy

Date:    Wed, 2 Aug 1995 13:43:30 +0100
From:    "P. D. Read" (sgsreadp@READING.AC.UK>
Subject: Re: "like a rolling stone" lyrics question

Just like to mention here that, in my opinion, the following lyrics
(from Desolation Row) also refer to Andy Warhol and his "crew" of
superstars:- i
  Now at midnight all the agents
  And the superhuman crew
  Come out and round up everyone
  That knows more than they do
  Then they bring them to the factory
  Where the heart-attack machine
  Is strapped across their shoulders
In addition I have heard/read somewhere that Just Like A woman refers
to  Edie Sedgewick (believe Patti Smith may have said this somewhen)

Date: Sun, 27 Aug 95 18:32:21 0400 From: Daniel Olson ( To: Subject: Andy Warhol Karl, Can't remember where I read the story of Dylan owning a Warhol painting in Woodstock which he traded with Robbie Robertson for an old couch! Actually, I remember WHERE I read it - standing up in a Coles boodstore - just not the book. Did Robertson publish something? Maybe a book about Woodstock in the late '60s? Don't think I can find that source. But thought you might like the story. Daniel
Date: Mon, 2 Dec 1996 12:51:06 +0100 To: karlerik From: (Patrik Sundstršm ) From "The Andy Warhol Diaries": Saturday, October 1, 1977: "In about forty-five minutes we were out in Jersey at the Stadium Club. We got the VIP treatment, up to brunch and bloody marys. Robert Redford and Muhammad Ali were there. Also Gordon Lightfoot and Albert Grossman, who used to manage Dylan. He told me again that he has my Silver Elvis, but I don«t understand that, because I gave it to Dylan, so how could Grossman get it?" Tuesday, May 9, 1978: "Robbie (Robertson) said he knew me from the Dylan days. I askes him what ever happened to the Elvis painting that I gave Dylan because every time I run into Dylan«s manager Grossman he says he has it, and Robbie said that at some point Dylan traded it to Grossman for a couch (laughs). He felt he needed a little sofa and he gave him the Elvis for it. It must have been during his drug days. So that was an expensive couch." Tuesday, June 20, 1978 (London): "We went over to her (Nona Gordon Summers) party on Glebe Place. She bought a row of houses and turned it into one big one with a one-glasses roof. I never used to like her, but I do now. SheŽ elegant and nice. Her party was for Dylan, and Bianca was raving about him and how«s after her. Nona told him he should by a painting of mine and he came right out and said he«d already had one - The Silver Elvis I gave to him - and that he traded it for a sofa. So what Robbie Robertson told me was true. And then Dylan said thay if I ever gave him another one, he«d never do it again." -------- That«s the Warhol Story. I«ve read about this somewhere else. I«m pretty sure it was Robbie who described how they (he and Dylan) drove away with the Elvis on top of a cab. I«ll look for it. Bjšrn Lundkvist
feature on the day Dylan visited Andy Warhol at the Factory in 1965
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