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Webster, Ray

EDLIS tours and tickets agent.
Date:    Thu, 25 Apr 1996 11:39:35 GMT
From: (Ed Ricardo)

Heather Miller ( wrote:
: (As for Ray Webster, we looked for you!!  Dave told me he talked to you

Always worth asking around for Ray, EDLIS' man on the spot. It is
said that Bob will not walk on the stage unless he is certain Ray
is properly settled in the audience. Some say this has been the case
since 1948, but surely this is a typo for 1984? Anyone know why Ray
missed the May 1946 Mother's Day performance, in a private EDLIS
interview we showed a photograph of Ray to Beatty and she did recall
a youth hounding her for info on whether Bob would be singing again
at her sister's wedding in two weeks. She thought he was English
'cause he said "Fab" a lot. She recalls a black hot wind, and a bullet
between his teeth, but who knows what the future might bring, she said.
Was that Ray WorldWideWebster?????????????????????????????????????????

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