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Williams, Paul

Date:    Tue, 8 Aug 1995 19:19:48 GMT
From:    Paul Williams (LDGJ39A@PRODIGY.COM)
Subject: Paul Williams logs on

Hi, some of you know me as the author of Bob Dylan, Performing Artist,
some of you even know I fell off my bicycle in April, but I'm happy to
say I'm fine now, fully recovered and listening to and writing about
Dylan again.  I just got online for the first time, and have been working
out for the last week how to find this group through Prodigy.  Still
figuring it out.  So this is to say hello and thus provide my email
address.  Tape traders--isn't Glasgow wonderful?  I love it and have
written about it for my column in the next On the Tracks.  Now I'm hoping
to write about Prague March 11 in Crawdaddy!--I was there, happily, and
the video is a wonderful memory refresher!  OK.  Good to be here.
(Prodigy is very hard to use--can someone give me rmd's url and advice on
finding it easily?)

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