Dylan Covers on Holiday Themed Records
Dylan has yet to write an overtly holiday song, but his songs are occasionally covered on holiday records.
I have titled this page "Holiday" instead of "Christmas" only to allow for future additions from any other holiday.

This page is arranged by release date.             I
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Lars Lönndahl
single....(1965 - Sweden)
Trumslagarpojken (The Little Drummer Boy)
Och vinden ger svar (Blowin' In The Wind)

Edwin Hawkins Singers
Blowin' In The Wind
Peter, Paul & Mary
A Holiday Celebration....(1988)
Blowin' In The Wind ..(live)

various artists
A Very Special Christmas 2....(1992)
Sinead O'Connor
I Believe In You

various artists
Woodstock Holidays....(1993 - Japan only CD)
Maria Muldaur
Lord, Protect My Child
Woodstock All-Stars
I Shall Be Released

Folky Christmas (ensemble)
Folky Christmas....(1998 - Germany)
Precious Angel

Go Fish
More Than a Story....(1999)
I Believe In You

Peter Jöback
Jag kommer hem till jul....(2002 - Sweden)
Jag tror på dig (I Believe In You)
duet with Eva Dahlgren

various artists
to: Kate - a benefit for Kate's sake....(2005)
Joe Ely