The Folkswingers
12-String Guitar!

Blowin' In The Wind....instrumental

The Folkswingers

12-String Guitar! Vol. 2....(1964)
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right....instrumental

The Folkswingers: Glen Campbell, Rod Dillard, Doug Dillard
and Dean Webb
The Astounding 12-String Guitar of Glen Campbell....(1964)
Blowin' In The Wind....instrumental
Walkin' Down The Line....vocal on chorus only

The Big Bad Rock Guitar of Glen Campbell....(1965)
Mr. Tambourine Man....instrumental
This sounds like the track from “Mr. 12 String Guitar” to me

Hey, Little One....(1968)
I Don't Believe You

I Knew Jesus (Before He Was a Star)....(1973)
If Not For You....(also on:  Dylan Country)

20 Greatest Hits....(2000 CD compilation)
If Not For You....(from:  I Knew Jesus)
Mr. Tambourine Man....(from:  The Big Bad Rock Guitar...)

Good Times Again....(DVD  - 1969 TV series)
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right..(duet with Anne Murray)
IAll I Really Want To Do..(duet with Cher)
These two instrumental albums,  already displayed elsewhere on Dylan Cover Albums,  feature the guitar work of Glen Campbell.
Mr. 12 String Guitar....(1966)
All I Really Want To Do  •  It Ain't Me Babe  •  Mr. Tambourine Man  •  Subterranean Homesick Blues  •  Like A Rolling Stone  • I Don't Believe You  •  Blowin' In The Wind
Dylan Jazz....(1966)
Blowin' In The Wind  •  Masters Of War  •  Hey, Mr. Tambourine Man  •  Don't Think Twice  •  Walkin' Down The Line  •  All I Really Want To Do  •  Subterranean Homesick Blues  •  A Hard Rain's A Gonna Fall  •  Like A Rolling Stone  •  It Ain't Me Babe