various artists
Woodstock: Three Days of Peace & Music
- Twenty-fifth Anniversary Collection....(1969 - 4xCD box - Live)
Walkin' Down The Line

Washington County....(1970)
Percy's Song

Hobo's Lullaby....(1972)
When The Ship Comes In

The Last Of The Brooklyn Cowboys....(1973)
Gates Of Eden

Pete Seeger & Arlo Guthrie
Together In Concert....(1975 - Live)
Arlo performs these songs solo (or with the audience)
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right
Walkin' Down The Line

Holly Near - Arlo Guthrie - Ronnie Gilbert - Pete Seeger
HARP....(1984 LP - "A Time To Sing!" CD reissue shown)
Mr. Tambourine Man

Arlo Guthrie & Pete Seeger
More Together Again, Vol. 1....(1994 - Live)
When The Ship Comes In

various artists
Celebration: Philadelphia Folk Festival - 40th Festival
...(rec. 8/2001)

When The Ship Comes In

Live In Sydney....(2005)
When The Ship Comes In