What About Me....(1968)
Paths Of Victory
Shown (far left) is a later US reissue of Anne's first Canadian album, with the original artwork.  Recently it has been reissued several times under different titles,  two examples are shown here. 
Great Memories....(2000 reissue)
The Early Years....(2001 reissue)
Another recent reissue reverted to the original artwork! 
Paths of Victory is credited to "Ahern," not Bob,  on LP & some CD versions
This Way Is My Way....(1969)
I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
Her 2nd Canadian album

I'll Be Your Baby Tonight
First US release, comprised of  tracks from her 2nd & 3rd Canadian albums

What A Wonderful World: 26 Inspirational Classics

I Believe In You
An abridged 1-disc version with the same artwork does  NOT  include the Dylan cover

Anne Murray and Glen Campbell
Glen Campbell Good Times Again....(rec.1969-72 - 2007 DVD)
Don't Think Twice, It's All Right