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To avoid the risk of forgetting anyone, a mass Thank You to all past contributors who have kept me informed of Dylan Covers released worldwide.
Future contributors to the Dylan Covers DataBase will be acknowledged here.
Thank You to...
Michael Akerbergs,  John W. Bakke,  
Mike Ballantyne,  Lars M. Banke,  Ross Bartholomew,  Bruno Becheri,  Bert,  Andrew Bizer,  Anton Bohnen,  Ronald Born,  Hans Bosch,  Dag Braathen,  Göran Brandels,  Giorgio Brianese,  Martin Brouwer,  H.P. Bushoff,  Charlie Buss,  Rick Butland,  Bill Casey,  Christian,  Brad Clifford,  Copperhead,  Dario/Slow Train Band,  Arie de Reus,  Ricardo del Campo,  Robert Earle,  Steve Ehli,  Wim v.d. Essenburg,  Maggie Farmer,  Franco Felici,   Jean Fernandez,  Alan Fraser,  Charles Fuss,  Ernie Garcia,  Manuel García Jara,  Jamie Gaukroger,  Mike Griffiths,  Werner Hagn,  Gene Harvey,  Dave Hayslip,  Phil Healy,  Patrick Helfrich,  Ger Hemel,  Bill Hester,  Jean-Pol Hiernaux,  Jan Hoiberg,  lgracia,  Anita Illing,  Tenho Immonen,  Jack,  Michel Jacques,  Wolfgang Janz,  Kevin Kent,  Michael King,  Steven King,  Klaba,  Dirk Krah,  Paul Labrusciano,  Craig Leavitt,  Ole Lien,  Loopy Joe,  Tom Lorquet,  Alan MacDonald,  Thierry Magnière,  Maneldesig,  Timmy Manocheo,  Igor Matveyev,  Nick McMahon,  MichaelH,  Stuart Moore,  Ditte Mortensen,  Barry Murphy,  Daniel Nilsson, Francois Perron,  rasca,  Ed Ribbink,  Terry Rice,  Michael Robbins,  Stephen Ronan,  Matt Schofield,  Axel J. Schuldes,  Matt Siskin,  Alex Smith,  Rebekah Stiling,  M.G. Still,  JG Sweitzer,   Michael Tearson,  Krister Törneke,  Zanis Valdmanis,  Raoul Verolleman,  Thomas Wälti,  Paul Williams,  Maik Wolter...
and to many anonymous contributors
Submissions and suggestions always welcome.  All submissions subject to verification.
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Before making a submission, please search the DataBase to see if your cover is already listed.
Remember that artists are listed alphabetically by last name.
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Q: What is a Dylan Cover?.......A: A recording  of a song written or co-written by Bob Dylan,  performed by someone else
Q: How was this list compiled?.......A: This is a newly generated list compiled from my private collection,  the archives of all the various sections of  DYLAN COVER ALBUMS  and  DYLAN TITLE TRACKS,  and the results of continuing internet research.   None of the content was derived directly from existing Dylan cover lists,  either on-line or in print.
Q: Does this database include all existing Dylan covers?.......A: No, it is a work-in-progress.  It is unlikely any list like this will ever be complete.  There are many older covers that I do not have direct knowledge of.  The long standing covers list  IT AIN'T ME BABE  has many of these, as well as live unrecorded performances and other categories that I have not included.
Q: What is included?.......A: All recordings of songs written or co-written by Bob Dylan.  Medleys with a Dylan song as a significant portion of the medley.  Translations of Dylan songs where Bob is given writer's credit/co-credit.  Full length tracks that are or were available for download from the web.  Unofficial live performances that circulate among collectors (in some cases where multiple versions exist,  it is noted that "many/several perfomances circulate" instead of listing all dates.)  Remixes of other covers are only included if they are still recognizable as the Dylan song.
Q: What is not included?.......A: Parodies that do not use the original lyrics.  Songs about Bob or that mention Bob.  Most karaoke versions (unless the performer is identified).  Live performances that were not recorded and/or do not circulate.  Multi song "potpourris" where the Dylan song is only a minor part.  Song clips or samples when no full version is/was ever available.  Songs using a Dylan melody but with all new lyrics (in English - less stringent for translations.  Some new lyrics are allowed if some Bob lyrics are retained.)  Traditional (or other) songs that are sometimes credited to Dylan, either in error or for his arrangement (Corrina Corrina, He Was A Friend Of Mine, etc.)  Songs that sample Bob's original recordings.  Remixes based on Bob's original recordings using his vocals.
Q: Can I  buy / trade / get copies of these Dylan Covers?.......A: Not here.  Please don't ask.  This is not a catalog or an offer to distribute anything on this list.
Q: I have some covers not in the database, can I submit them?.......A: Yes, thank you.   Use the SUBMISSION FORM.
Q: Will I get credit?.......A: The database will not include individual credits,  but your name will be added to the "Thank You" section on this page.
Q: Will new entries be announced anywhere?.......A: Additions and updates to the DataBase will be made on the first of each month.   You will be able to check new entries using the method outlined in the description of the ENTERED field (see #10 below)
Q: Why are there more lines in the database than shown in the total count?.......A: Cross reference and other notations count as lines in the database.  The total count includes only the actual Dylan covers.

AllThis is the complete list.  Click on any underlined field name to sort by that field.  See a note about sorting.
SearchOpens the SEARCH input page, where you can enter criteria to perform a search.  See Search Tips.
SelectionThe results of a search, in the same format as the complete list.  Click ALL to return to the complete list.
DetailClicking on the highlighted artist name on any record opens the DETAILS page for that individual record.  Some fields are only displayed in the DETAILS view.

Click SEARCH to enter the search page.
Click the buttons to hide downloads, or to show only dowloads.
Searches find matching strings at the beginning of fields only.  In any field, type the first letter or first few letters of a search term.
To find all artists, songs, etc. starting with any letter, just type the letter in the appropriate field and click SUBMIT
To find any artist, song, or etc. type enough letters to narrow your search.  For example, typing "all" in the Track field will yield all songs starting with "all": All Along The Watchtower, All I Really Want To Do, All Over You, All The Tired Horses.  To find a particular song, you must enter up to the first unique letter, so "all a" will find only All Along The Watchtower.  To find either Just Like Tom Thumb's Blues or Just Like A Woman, you must enter up to the first unique letter: just like t  or  just like a.   For some searches, Visions of Johanna for example,  you only need to search for v in the TRACK field.
You cannot search for imbedded strings, so watch will find Watching The River Flow but not All Along The Watchtower.
An exception to this is the YEAR field, which is a numerical field and you must type all 4 digits.
If you perform a 2nd search from a search results window, the new search is performed on the entire database, not just the results that are displayed.  To do a multi level search, enter more than one criteria in the original search.  For example, to find all Byrds covers starting with an "M" from 1965, enter Byrds in ARTIST, 1965 in YEAR and m in the TRACK fields.
See description of the ENTERED field below on how to search for new additions.

A note about sorting:
You can sort on the fields if the field name (Artist, Track, etc.) is underlined (toggles between ascending and descending order).  Note that special characters (Å, Ø, etc.) are sorted at the end of the list.  Likewise, special characters as 2nd characters (Lä, Sø, etc.) are sorted at the end of their respective letter sections.  The same for imbedded punctuation, such as D'Abo or B.B.M..
Note that when the database is first opened, some of these rules do not apply for certain characters, because the program used to maintain the database sorts differently than the on-line database.  For example Å names are with the regular As, but Ø names are at the end of the list.
Names with prefixes (de Jonge, van Dyke, etc.) are sorted using the US method, using the prefix (van Dyke under v)
Leading abbreviations are sorted as printed:  Mr. & Dr. as such, not mister & doctor.
Names & titles that begin with numerals are sorted as text,  not numbers,  so 103rd is sorted before 13th.

A note about special/non-standard characters:
In names and titles with non-standard characters, if the correct character is not available the closest standard character is used.  (c for accented-c, etc.)

1. Artist:
Proper artist names are listed: “surname, first name”
Proper artist names with a band or other suffix are listed:  “surname, first name Band” -or- “surname, first name & The...”
Bands named after people (historical, fictional, etc.) are listed as read: “Moses Wiggins,” “Daniel Lioneye,” etc.
Bands with leading prepositions (in English or other languages) are listed under the first significant word:  “Byrds, The” “Miralls de Dylan, Els” “Chijuas, Los” etc.  There are a few exceptions, where the preposition is part of an expression or integral to the name, Los Lobos & The Sky About To Rain for example.
In some cases I do not know if it's a band name or a proper name, so I used my best guess!  Any corrections are appreciated.
Also see A note about sorting.

2. Track:
The title of the Dylan song, converted to it's standard or most common syntax.  If the title used on the record is translated or substantially different, it is noted in the Translation field (see #3).  Minor variations in title are normally not noted (Blowin' vs. Blowing, etc.)
Note: a + mark to the right of the title indicates there is an image available in the DETAIL view

3. Translation (detail view only):
The translated song title if not in English.  Titles in other alphabets are noted as "Japanese title," "Hebrew title," etc.
English titles that are non-standard or substantially modified are also noted here.

4. Performed:
How the song is performed: as an instrumental, or sung in another language.  Dialects are noted if known.  If blank, assume the song is performed in English.
A few tracks are marked as English in cases where the artist usually performs in another language, or it is otherwise questionable.

5. Country:
Primary country where the artist is/was based.  Does not refer to where the record was recorded or released.
Collaborations or artists with dual countries are noted with 2 codes, for example SN/CA = Senegal + Canada.
Standard ISO country codes are used, except for UK instead of the GB.
Note that the full country name is now shown in the detail view.
See table below:
·  - to be determined or n/a
? - unknown
multi - multi-national
AG - Antigua
AI - Anguilla
AR - Argentina
AT - Austria
AU - Australia
BB - Barbados
BE - Belgium
BM - Bermuda
BR - Brazil
BS - Bahamas
BZ - Belize
KH - Cambodia
CA - Canada
CH - Switzerland
CK - Cook Islands (Polynesia)
CL - Chile
CN - China
CO - Colombia
CS - Serbia
CZ - Czechoslovakia / 
.........Czech Republic
DDR - East Germany
DE - Germany
DK - Denmark
UK - England
EE - Estonia
ES - Spain
EU - European Union
FI -  Finland
FO - Faroe Islands
FR - France
DE - Germany
GR - Greece
HK - Hong Kong
HR - Croatia
HU - Hungary
ID - Indonesia
IE - Ireland
IL - Israel
IN - India
IR - Iran
IS - Iceland
IT - Italy
JM - Jamaica
JP - Japan
KH - Cambodia
KR - South Korea
LK - Sri Lanka
LT - Lithuania
LU - Luxembourg
LV - Latvia
MX - Mexico
MY - Malaysia
NI  - Nicaragua
NL - The Netherlands
NO - Norway
NZ - New Zealand
PH - Philippines
PK - Pakistan
PL - Poland
PT - Portugal
RO - Romania
RS - Serbia
RU - Russia
SE - Sweden
SG - Singapore
SI - Slovenia
SK - Slovakia (Slovak Rep.)
SN - Senegal
ZA - South Africa
LK - Sri Lanka
SR - Suriname
CH - Switzerland
SV - El Salvador
TH - Thailand
TR - Turkey
TT - Trinidad
TW - Taiwan
UK - United Kingdom
US - United States
UY - Uruguay
VE - Venezuela
VI - U.S. Virgin Islands
YU - Yugoslavia
ZA - South Africa

6. Year:
Year of recording.  If unknown, the field is left blank and the decade (if known) is noted in the Notes field (196?).

7. Original Source:
The original album or source of the recording.  LP or CD sources are given priority over single releases.
Covers only available as internet downloads are noted as such, with the format (mp3, RealAudio, etc.).  Downloaded tracks are only listed as such if it is not (or it is unknown to be) released on a recording.  See my  COVERS ON-LINE  page for links to currently available downloads.

8. Notes:
Any additional information can be listed here: genre, info about the artist or record, specific dates, etc.
When available, the genre is shown first, so searching the NOTES field for jazz, reggae, country, etc. will yield a list of those genres.  As this info is not always available, any such results should not be considered "complete."
For regional bands, the city, state and or region may be listed: LA=Los Angeles, NYC=New York City, SF/SF Bay=San Francisco, New England=Northeast US
All dates are in US format mm/dd/yy, unless part of a title, in which case they are shown as is.

8a. Link (detail view only):
1)  If a record is listed in the Dylan Cover Albums main pages, a link to that listing is provided marked as "Dylan Cover Albums."  Often you can find a further web link at the album's listing.
2) If a cover is from an audio archive site, a link is provided to that site's main page. You must then use that site's search function to fine the artist and/or track.
3) Some artists are linked to their website or another appropriate website, these are marked either "band website", artist website", or some other descriptive term.

9. Other Sources (detail view only):
Shown here is an alternate source for the recording, for example a single, reissue, compilation, etc. It is not the intent to list every subsequent appearance of the track, but usually the most notable, recent or available.
If an album track was also released as a single, it might be noted here.  Obvious singles like The Byrds, Manfred Mann, etc. are likely not noted.
If the track appears on these various-artist Dylan Cover Albums,  it is linked to the album on the main site.  If the track appears on several compilations, only one or two are shown with the notation "+ other comps"
20th Century Masters: A Tribute to Bob Dylan
And The Times They Were A-Changin'
The Bob Dylan/Songbook
Copy Cats: Line's Greatest Dylans
Dylan Country
MOJO: Dylan Covered
Doin' Dylan
Doin' Dylan 2
Forever Young: A British Folk Tribute to Bob Dylan
Hard Rain Volume 1 (Uncut magazine CD)
Hard Rain Volume 2 (Uncut magazine CD)
It Ain't Me Babe: Great Artists Sing the Songs of Bob Dylan
It Ain't Me Babe: Zimmerman Framed
I Shall Be Unreleased: The Songs of Bob Dylan
Masked & Anonymous
May Your Song Always Be Sung
May Your Song Always Be Sung Again
May Your Song Always Be Sung Volume 3
The Songs of Bob Dylan  (Sequel)
Songs of Dylan as Performed by Fifteen Great Artists
The Songs of Bob Dylan  (Start)   [LP = LP only]
The Bob Dylan Songs
United Artists For The Poet

10. Entered (detail view only):
The date the record was entered into the on-line database, in YYMMDD format.
New entries from the most recent update are marked NEW.   Subsequently,  all entries will be dated with the date of their entry.
Records that were part of the original database are not coded.  The earliest dated entries are Oct. 2004 (0410xx).
You can check for new entries using the search function:
a) Click SEARCH
b) Click the "SHOW LATEST ADDITIONS ONLY" link at top of DataBase page   - Or -   Type NEW into the ENTERED field on SEARCH form and click SUBMIT
Excluding the most recent entires:
c) To find all entries per year, type 04, 05, etc. into the ENTERED field and click SUBMIT
d) To find all entries per month, type the year and month: 0410, 0411, etc. and click SUBMIT
e) To find all entries per day, type the year, month and day: 041030, 041101, etc. and click SUBMIT

11. Image (detail view only):
If an image is available, it is displayed here.
"n/a" in the image field indicates "not applicable,"  i.e. there is no artwork for this item (usually a downloaded or unreleased track.)
If the field is blank,  artwork may exist for the item but it is not yet available.  If you can supply an artwork scan,  contact me.
aka (or  a.k.a.) = also known as
p/u = prevously unreleased
s/s = Singer/Songwriter
v/a = various artists
CCM = Contemporary Christian Music
rec. - recorded
rel. - released
TBA - To Be Added
TBD - To Be Determined
TBR - To Be Released

The Dylan Covers DataBase is presented by  DylanCover.com
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