Click the link above to display a list of all the items for which scans are needed.
If you can supply any of the missing images, please submit to blog08[at]dylancoveralbums[dot]com.
(Alternately, you can upload your images to your own webspace or an image hosting site
- such as - and send me the URL.)

Please attach only ONE scan per e-mail.
• Only the front artwork is required, I do not use reverse, inside or other views.
• For LPs, I only use complete scans. If you cannot scan a full album, you can scan them in several parts and I will try to paste them together, but success is not guaranteed.
• For 45s, picture sleeves are used even if the Dylan song is not shown.
• For non picture sleeve 45s, a scan of the Dylan cover label. I do not use scans of the non-Dylan side.
• Digital photos can be used only if of good quality, with no flash glare spots, etc.
• Identify the artists & title of the image if it is not obvious.
• Any scans submitted will appear at the next first-of-month update.