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US mono LP US stereo LP Rear sleeve of US LPs
Colpix  CPL-494
(US, mono version)
Colpix  SCP-494
(US, stereo version)
rear sleeve, both versions
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Note different crop of photo used on mono and stereo versions
~  ~  ~
Side 1
Don't Think Twice
House Of The Rising Sun  (arrangement by Duane Eddy)
It Ain't Me Babe
Not The Lovin' Kind  (written by Lee Hazlewood)
She Belongs To Me
All I Really Want To Do
Side 2
Houston  (written by Lee Hazlewood)
Love Minus Zero/No Limit
Mr. Tambourine Man
Blowin' In The Wind
Swing Low, Sweet Chariot  (arrangement by Duane Eddy)
Eve Of Destruction  (written by P.F. Sloan)
~  ~  ~
Produced by: Lee Hazlewood
© by Colpix Records, A Division of Columbia Pictures Corporation 1965

International LPs

UK LP (Colpix) UK LP; Pye/Golden Guinea UK LP, rear sleeve
Pye/Colpix  PXL 494
(UK, 1966, mono)
rear sleeve similar to US but omits track times and publishers
Close inspection shows the UK Colpix LP uses a slightly different photo crop than either of the US LPs
Pye/Golden Guinea  GGL 0382 (mono) / GSGL 10382 (stereo)
(UK, 1966; front and rear sleeves, text same as US LP)
LP (Netherlands)
LP (Netherlands - back cover)
Colpix  PCX S-222  (stereo)  (Netherlands, 1965)
(front and rear sleeves, English text same as US LP)
~  ~  ~
Other international LPs (with the same or similar to US LP cover art):
Colpix  494  (Canada)
Funckler/Colpix  PCX S-222 (stereo) and PCX 222 (mono)   (Netherlands)
Astor/Colpix SCP-494  (Australia)
Victor/Colpix  SJET 7795  (Japan)
Colpix  CPL-494  (New Zealand)


UK 2-on-1 CD US 2-on-1 CD US 2-on-1 CD
EMI  CZ 425
(UK, 1991, as Twangy Peaks)
Gold Picks  GP4-90-94 
(US, 1994, as  The Complete Colpix Recordings)
Collectables  6222
(US, 1998)
All these CDs paired "Duane Eddy Does Bob Dylan" with Eddy's only other Colpix LP,
"Duane A Go Go Go,"  originally released earlier in 1965  (Colpix #490)


Picture sleeve (Netherlands) Picture sleeve (Netherlands) Picture sleeve (Netherlands)
Colpix  CX 42.917   (Netherlands) Colpix  CP-788   (US)


Notes from original LP Colpix Records 494

There's an explosive excitement in the air which rings loud and clear in today's popular music. Young composers are creating songs which carry meaning and lasting power.  Many of these songs are sung with soul and understanding, but as we concentrate on the lyrics, we may perchance, shy away from enjoying the melodies.

Guitarist extraordinaire, Duane Eddy, sets the record straight. His versatile, twangy guitar, sounding rich and resonant, offers fiery instrumental interpretations of some of today's most potent new songs, principally from the pen of Bob Dylan, the poet laureate of the 1960's.

Eddy's guitar romps and soars through Dylan's brain waves -- translated in this album into notes which build and explode into bar lines of enjoyable melodies. By instrumentally interpreting 12 of the significant songs of the 60's, Eddy proves there is quality and richness in popular music, too often knocked down for its tendency toward shrillness and over-amplification.

When you hear Eddy and cohorts playing songs which have a familiar ring because of their hit status, you get the feeling that someone is singing the lyrics. Yet, there are no words, only the sure-fingering of Eddy's guitar, a gutbucket harmonica providing mournful solos, and a blending of drums, tambourines and guitars in the background. Yet, you tend to hear these words, which seems to indicate that a good song is hard to forget. For the past seven years, Duane has performed the music of young America. Like the popular music industry itself, Duane has fallen in step with the movement toward maturity. No more moon-spoon-June songs, but "Blowin' In The Wind" and "Eve Of Destruction" (by the clever 19 year old refugee from surfing songs, Phil Sloan).

What Bob Dylan is capable of saying with his magical way with words, Duane Eddy is capable of saying instrumentally. As you will undoubtedly hear, it's a happy marriage.

Elliot Tiegel
Billboard Magazine

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