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Dylan related
1 - Allen Ginsberg and Bob Dylan Photos - (Elsa Dorfman) from Cliff Warnken
2 - Cambridge Photographer Elsa Dorfman, Famous For Her Giant Polaroids, Dies At 83 - (wbur) from Laura Leivick
3 - Elsa Dorfman (1937 - 2020) - (Artforum) from Cliff Warnken, Harold Lepidus
4 - 5 books featuring La Frontera to read during the pandemic 5. Adiós a Dylan by Alejandro Carrillo - (Borderzine) from Cliff Warnken, Laura Leivick
5 - The Bob Dylan Showcase: Listen Robert Moses: Chris Sheriden - (Untold Dylan) from Laura Leivick
6 - German: Als Bob Dylan zweimal im Apollo spielte - ("I'm in a cowboy band") by Thomas Waldherr
7 - Avon native returns to hometown to jam Dan Miraldi covers two Dylan songs - (The Chronicle-Telegram) from Laura Leivick

8 - The Beatles: Can YOU guess which John Lennon song Bob Dylan felt was copying his style? - (Express) from Steven Zweifler
9 - When the Chambers Brothers’ ‘Time’ Had Come - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodsky
10 - The Lost Genius Of Paul Siebel - (Uncut) from psamdancin
11 - 'Laurel Canyon: A Place in Time': TV Review - (Hollywood Reporter) from Laura Leivick
12 - Pool of fun music trivia runs deep in ‘Laurel Canyon’ - (Chicago Sun-Times) from Anonymous
13 - Watch Bruce Springsteen’s Return to Live Rock with Dropkick Murphys - (Rolling Stone) from Steve Lockwood
14 - German: “Another day of anger, bitterness, and doubt I know how it happened Minneapolis - (darmstadtdylandays) from Marco Demel

15 - The Dylan Hour: Streams live every Sunday, 9 - 11 am Pacific Daylight Savings Time. Today: Dylan's Rainbow - and Beyond - ( from Lisa Finnie
16 - The Recording of "Lay Lady Lay" by Bob Dylan. Including Kenny Buttrey - (YouTube) from Bank Robber
17 - Stumpzian - Foot of Pride - (YouTube) from Damian Balassone
18 - From My Living Room - Rickie Lee Jones, Streaming Live 15/5/2020 - (YouTube) from Hans-Peter Timmer
19 - Revisit Bob Dylan’s iconic screen test for Andy Warhol, 1965 - (Far Out) from Cliff Warnken, Steven Zweifler
20 - Tracy Chapman. - The Times They Are a Changin' - (YouTube) from Jared Chipkin

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21 - Shel Talmy The Kinks, The Who producer - (The Strange Brew) from Harold Lepidus
22 - National Guard Called as Minneapolis Erupts in Solidarity for George Floyd - (NY Times) from Mick Gold
23 - Woody Allen interview: ‘Ronan Farrow’s journalism is shoddy – I’m not sure his credibility will last’ - (Telegraph) from Harold Lepidus

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Dylan related
1 - Jimmy Buffett on That Time He Hung Out on Bob Dylan’s Boat - (Rolling Stone) from Steven Zweifler, Cliff Warnken, Laura Leivick
2 - They’re Selling Postcards of the Hanging: The Real Lynching in Dylan’s “Desolation Row” - (chimesfreedom) from Jared Chipkin
3 - Love & Theft: Dylan, Harrison, Cave, Calloway, The Doors, Tchaikovsky, etc. - (I Went Down To St. James Infirmary) from Bob Harwood
4 - He's known as Latin America's Bob Dylan. He's back in the limelight. Ricardo Arjona - (yahoo! / NBC News) from Steven Zweifler

5 - Dion - Blues With Friends, CD Jun 5 from - - .de.
6 - Is Songwriting the Poetry of the Masses in Modern Times? - (American Songwriter) from Cliff Warnken
7 - Guitarist Bob Kulick Reportedly Dead at 70 - (Ultimate Classic Rock) from Steve Lockwood, Cliff Warnken
8 - Bob Kulick, Who Played with KISS, Lou Reed & Others, Dead at 70 - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodskyx
9 - Dion Premieres New Song with Paul Simon, “Song for Sam Cooke (Here in America)” - (American Songwriter) from Steven Zweifler

10 - Judy Collins + 1,000 Friends Record ‘Amazing Grace’ - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodsky
11 - Watch: Darling West cover Bob Dylan "If Not For You" - (Folk Radio) from Laura Leivick
12 - Duluth Does Dylan - CD release concert (Part 2) 2016 - (YouTube) from Marc Percansky
13 - watch The Tallest Man on Earth cover Nick Cave, Leonard Cohen, Bob Dylan and more - (Brooklyn Vegan) from Steven Zweifler
14 - Laurel Canyon: The EPIX Documentary with director Alison Ellwood - (Rhino Insider) from Harold Lepidus 1100

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15 - Up All Night for 25 Years The Beatles' gig on the roof, 50 years on. - (BBC Sounds) from Harold Lepidus
16 - German: Songs aus der Corona-Isolation J.S. Ondara überrascht mit neuem Album - ("I'm in a cowboy band") by Thomas Waldherr
17 - Music venues are where British culture is born. It's Britain's duty to keep them alive - (theguardian) from Harold Lepidus
18 - Route 66 - Show 127 on Phoenix FM - (Mixcloud) from Steve Lockwood 1700

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Dylan related
1 - Virtual Three-Night Dylanfest This Weekend - (American Songwriter) from Cliff Warnken, Bank Robber
2 - Chord Clinic: How to play chords like Bob Dylan Part 2 - (Guitar) from Cliff Warnken, Steven Zweifler
3 - Remembering when Joni Mitchell labelled Bob Dylan “a plagiarist” - (Far Out) from Cliff Warnken, Steven Zweifler, Laura Leivick
4 - Seven Ways of Looking at Bob Dylan’s ‘Renaldo & Clara’ 1978 - (Village Voice) from Cliff Warnken, Michael Jay Aderhold, Steven Zweifler
5 - Australia’s Emma Swift Records Bob Dylan Tribute ‘Blonde On The Tracks’ - (Noise 11) from Paul Cashmere, Cliff Warnken

6 - Neil Young Plans to Beat the Bootleggers With His Own Series - (Rolling Stone) from Cliff Warnken, Harold Lepidus
7 - Meet Dion, one of the last living links to the earliest days of rock ’n’ roll - (Spectator) from Cliff Warnken
8 - Unraveling the Many Mysteries of Neil Diamond’s ‘Sweet Caroline’ - (getpocket) from Karl Johnson
9 - German: The Death of George Floyd - ("I'm in a cowboy band") by Thomas Waldherr
10 - John Fogerty and Family Drop ‘Fogerty’s Factory’ EP - (Rolling Stone) from Steve Lockwood, Harold Lepidus
11 - A-OK boomers: New ‘Laurel Canyon’ doc will make you swoon over the scene all over again - (LA Times) from Harold Lepidus
12 - Cat Stevens Releasing ‘Tea For the Tillerman’: Take 2 - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodsky
13 - Savage Love British critic Jon Savage’s curated CD collections are a bargain. - (Splice Today) from mug1988
14 - The Expansive Vocal Range of Joni Mitchell: From the Early to Later Years - (Open Culture) from Karl Johnson, art belling

15 - Duluth Dylan Fest presents The Bob Dylan Revue 2019. - (YouTube) from Mark Bennett
16 - Bob Dylan, Eric Clapton, Santana - Tombstone Blues HQ Sound Upgrade Pt3 1984 - (YouTube) from Steve Lockwood
17 - Grateful Dead: Dead Play Dylan - 1994 - (Save Your Face) from Wim Niehaus
18 - New song by Robert Chaney, co-host of Definitely Dylan - “Breath” - (Bandcamp) from Laura Maria Sophie
19 - Paul Metsa - Whistling Past the Graveyard With Bucky Baxter on Pedal Steel - (YouTube) from Nelson French
20 - "Bucky Baxter In Memoriam" (Episode 64); also, there's a new "Who Did It Better?" poll where you can vote on Twitter @RainTrains for a favorite version of "I Don't Believe You": Dylan (1966) vs. Dylan (1994)." (Hard Rain & Slow Trains: Bob Dylan & Fellow Travelers) from Daniel Mackay

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21 - Italian: Il 29 maggio 1965, poco dopo la sua uscita, BRINGING IT ALL BACK HOME arrivò in vetta alle classifiche inglesi. Un disco rivoluzionario quanto la sua copertina. - (Stone Music) from Cliff Warnken
22 - Dylan's Apocalyptic Visions - (CrimeReads) from Laura Leivick
23 - The mysterious story of Robert Johnson, the grandfather of rock ‘n’ roll - (explica) from Cliff Warnken
24 - New Levon Helm Book Delves into The Band and Beyond - (No Depression) from Harold Lepidus