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Dylan related
1 - Bob Dylan - Retrospectrum Miami programme - (Come Writers And Critics) from Michel Pomarede
2 - Bob Dylan: revolution in the head, revisited - (open Democracy 2015) from Scott Miller
3 - That time Tom Waits taught Bob Dylan how to curse in Yiddish - (Forward) from Steven Zweifler, Scott Miller, The Bigstockbroker
4 - To Be Alone With You (1969) part 4: Beware of his promise - (Untold Dylan) from Scott Miller
5 - Combination of Whiskey and Art Continues With Bob Dylan’s Newest ‘Bootleg’ Release - (Whiskey Raiders) from Steven Zweifler

6 - The Impossible Politics of Johnny Cash - (The Atlantic) from Bob Harwood
7 - The Rolling Stones play secret London jazz club gig in celebration of Charlie Watts - (NME) from Scott Miller, Steve Lockwood
8 - Neil Young Has a Lot More To Give - (Rolling Stone) from Steve Lockwood, Scott Miller, Harold Lepidus
9 - Paul McCartney on the Early Days of The Beatles: “We Wanted to Get Paid—and the More Money, the Better” - (American Songwriter) from Scott Miller
10 - And in the end: A fan's notes on Peter Jackson's Beatles doc - (AP/ABC News) from Scott Miller
11 - Something In The Way He Moves: The Astonishing James Taylor Debut - (udiscovermusic) from Scott Miller
12 - “I’ll Be Making Art as They Close the Coffin Lid”: Graham Nash on Life Behind the Lens - (Paste) from Scott Miller, Steven Zweifler
13 - Mini-skirts, bouffants and forgotten hits: The unsung women of the British Invasion Register for free - (Independent) from Scott Miller
14 - Dig Lord Buckley in ‘Dig Infinity!’ Jan 9 - (Boston) from Harold Lepidus
15 - Norwegian: Billetter til John Fogerty Halden 4. juni 2022 - (Ticketmaster) from Harold Lepidus

16 - Bob Dylan :: Pretty Good Stuff | Ep. 13 - (Aquarium Drunkard) from James Adams
17 - Dylan cover of the day, No 21: Buckets of Rain - (Untold Dylan) from Scott Miller
18 - Revisiting Nina Simone's masterful cover of Bob Dylan song 'Tom Thumb's Blues' - (Far Out) from Scott Miller
19 - Bob Dylan, The Band - I'm Not There (Official Audio) - (YouTube) from Douglas Schlachter
20 - Bob Dylan's note perfect Not Dark Yet in Vienna (1999) - (YouTube) from Steve Lockwood
21 - Bob Dylan — Shelter From The Storm / Mr. Tambourine Man. Brixton, London. 1995 Video starts on 33 s - (YouTube) from Steve Lockwood
22 - Richard Thompson + Beasoleil - songs + interview - Houston 10/23/87 Coast To Coast - (YouTube) from Steve Lockwood

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Dylan related
1 - Pressing On - (Recliner Notes) from Kim Hewson
2 - Steve Jordan on Touring With the Stones: ‘It Was Like Being Strapped to a Rocket Ship’ "I put together this band for Dylan" - (Rolling Stone) from Scott Miller
3 - A Crash, a Conversion and a Comeback Book Review // Light Come Shining: The Transformations Of Bob Dylan - (Moment) from Scott Miller
4 - Traveling Wilburys: Tom Petty on the cosmic genesis of an extraordinary supergroup - (Classic Rock) from Scott Miller
5 - Justice Dept. closes Emmett Till investigation without filing charges Subscr. - (The Washington Post) from Scott Miller, Joe Potempa
6 - Justice Department Closes Emmett Till Investigation Without Charges - (NY Times) from Steven Zweifler
7 - The Justice Department closes its investigation into the lynching of Emmett Till - (AP / NPR) from Steven Zweifler
8 - Family of Emmett Till reacts to DOJ closing investigation into his murder - (ABC News) from Scott Miller

9 - Let him be: how McCartney saved roadie from arrest after Beatles final concert - (theguardian) from Scott Miller
10 - ‘I could have done with eight more hours’: readers on the Beatles documentary epic Get Back - (theguardian) from Scott Miller
11 - Joni Mitchell and Bette Midler pick up Kennedy Center Honors - (BBC) from Scott Miller
12 - Why Patti Smith Matters Book May 2022 - (U of Texas Press) from Harold Lepidus
13 - The making of Stephen Stills and Neil Young: Revisiting Buffalo Springfield's significant debut album - (Far Out) from Bob Harwood
14 - ‘I spontaneously burst into tears’: How 13 songwriters felt watching the new Beatles documentary - (The Washington Post) from Scott Miller

15 - Author Keith Miles discusses his books about Dylan related locations in London and New York, restoring London's Troubadour club, interviewing A.J. Weberman, and more - (Boston Harold Podcast) from Harold Lepidus
16 - Bob Dylan reading from Jack Kerouac's On The Road (on Slim Gaillard) - (YouTube) from Steve Lockwood
17 - Bob Dylan accepts his Oscar [AI upscale] - (YouTube) from Steve Lockwood
18 - Bob Dylan’s Country Music Heroes - (udiscovermusic) from Scott Miller, Steven Zweifler
19 - All About Bob Dylan and Christmas - (NSF) from Ugur Oral
20 - Recommended Bob Dylan Concerts - 1981 - (Music This Day) by Egil Mosbron
21 - Dylan Released and Unreleased: Girl From the North Country - (Untold Dylan) from Scott Miller
22 - Dylan cover of the day: Can you please crawl out your window - (Untold Dylan) from Scott Miller
23 - The Bobcats, a Bob Dylan fan podcast, Best of 2021 Supercut - (YouTube) from Matt Steichen
24 - Bob Dylan 2018 Far East, Australia & New Zealand Tour – Fuji Rock Festival, Japan 29th July 2018 - (YouTube) from Steve Lockwood
25 - Bob Dylan: Retrospectrum at the Frost Art Museum - (YouTube) from Bank Robber

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26 - Paradise Lost: A Bob & Patti Miniseries - (Flagging Down the Double E's) by Ray Padgett
27 - Heaven's Door Spirits™ Announces Release of The Bootleg Series Vol III - (PR Newswire) from Cliff Warnken 1600
28 - Bob Dylan and Swiss Liz duet on The Times They Are A-Changin' Live 1993 [Upscale] - (YouTube) from Steve Lockwood

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Dylan related
1 - Bob Dylan's journey matches a changing America - (The National News) from Cliff Warnken
2 - Pressing On - (Recliner Notes) by Scott Bunn

3 - Tom Petty receives posthumous Ph.D. for music - (AP / Portland Press Herald)
4 - Stonewall Jackson, Grand Ole Opry Star for Over 60 Years, Dies at 89 - (NY Times) from Cihan-Marcel Brandt, Karl Johnson
5 - Happy Birthday Little Richard: Playing ‘Tutti Frutti’ At Rock & Roll Hall Of Fame Concert - (JamBase) from Cliff Warnken
6 - Gary Scruggs, Performer, Songwriter and Son of Earl Scruggs, is Dead at 72 - (The Boot) from Harold Lepidus

7 - "Knockin' On Dylan's Door (BobFest)" "Bob tour recap, Bootleg Series 16, and remembering Beatle George and John" Select: Listen Live 88.1 FM WCWP 9-11 pm EST - (WCWP 88.1 FM) from G. Walsh
8 - Bob Dylan – Most likely you go your way and I’ll go mine – 4 Versions and Song Info - (NSF) from Ugur Oral
9 - Robin Williamson - Like a rolling stone - (YouTube) from Liamy Mac Nally 1000

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10 - Bob Dylan - The Bootleg Series Volume 1 Review - (Cult Following) from Ewan Gleadow
11 - The strange case of Moondog: The 20th century’s greatest composer - (Far Out) from Cliff Warnken 1500
12 - French: L'association Sipofà revisite Maurice Ravel et Bob Dylan à Vico - (Corse Matin) from Cliff Warnken
13 - Bob Dylan and the legend of the plumber - (Plainsmen Post) from Cliff Warnken