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Dylan related
1 - Last night's Bob Dylan in Helsinki setlist - (Bob Links)
2 - Will Awards Voters Accept ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’ as a Documentary? - (The Wrap) from Cliff Warnken, Michael J. Aderhold, Laura Leivick
3 - Finnish: Bob Dylan kieltää kuvaamisen keikoillaan, kieltoa valvotaan tänään myös Hartwall-areenalla - (Helsingin Sanomat) from Cliff Warnken, Scott Miller
4 - Finnish: Bob Dylanin ääni notkistui kovin myöhään, mutta huuliharppusoolot olivat loistavia – näin ilta eteni biisi biisiltä - (Helsingin Sanomat) from Cliff Warnken
5 - Just announced: a new exhibition of Bob Dylan's paintings opening at London's @HalcyonGallery on the 4th of July. - (Twitter) from Anne Margaret Daniel
6 - How Dylan Gets His Job Done Bob Dylan’s Poetics - (Stride magazine) from Scott Miller
7 - Bob Dylan’s Poetics: by Timothy Hampton - (Spectrum Culture) from Scott Miller
8 - Flash-back Dylan's first visit to England ("Madhouse on Castle Street") - (theguardian) from Scott Miller
9 - A Subterranean Bicentennial Road Movie - (rock's back pages) by Mick Gold
10 - Dutch: Recensie: Bob Dylan – The Rolling Thunder Revue (The 1975 live Recordings) - (Blues Magazine) from Cliff Warnken
11 - Spanish: Alta fidelidad. Se supo: el Nobel de Dylan era para Borges - (La Nacion) from Scott Miller
12 - Italian: Rolling Thunder Revue: recensione del documentario di Martin Scorsese su Bob Dylan - (Cinematographe) from Cliff Warnken
13 - Italian: The 1975 Live Recordings, ovvero Bob Dylan & The Rolling Thunder Revue. - (TomTomRock) from Marina Montesano
14 - Spanish: Risas, vino y marihuana: la noche en que Bob Dylan conoció a los Beatles - (La Tercera) from Andrés Urrutia
15 - Greek: Rolling Thunder Revue: R Bob Dylan story - (Moveitmag.gr) from Cliff Warnken
16 - Portuguese: Documentário de ficção e realidade reforça folclore em torno de Bob Dylan - (Otempo) from Cliff Warnken
17 - Rolling Thunder Review-A Bob Dylan’s Story - (Noticias) from Cliff Warnken
18 - Real Life Rock Top 10: Robert Johnson, ‘Her Smell,’ Pete Buttigieg and a Dylan book - (Rolling Stone) from Cliff Warnken, Scott Miller, Laura Leivick, Harold Lepidus

19 - Dave Bartholomew: a giant who taught the world to rock'n'roll - (theguardian) from Scott Miller
20 - June 25, 1967: The Beatles Beam ‘Love’ to the World - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodsky
21 - Interview: Mike Scott on The Waterboys and Where The Action Is - (Hot Press) from Scott Miller
22 - Rosanne Cash and Ry Cooder – The Songs of Johnny Cash - (No Depression) from Scott Miller
23 - Ten Songs That Tell Good Stories One by Dylan - (Splice) from Cliff Warnken, Scott Miller
24 - ‘Peeking through the keyhole’: Bob Gruen shares half-century of rock images at Morris Museum - (Morristown Green) from Cliff Warnken, Scott Miller
25 - Photographer Bob Gruen shows photos, and tells stories, from a lifetime in rock - (NJ Arts) by Jay Lustig, Harold Lepidus
26 - Paul smokin' dope - was he the worst? - (The Beatles Review of History) from Rob Geurtsen
27 - Little Steven and the Disciples of Soul: Rock n' Soul at la Cigale - (I Was There) from David Leonor

28 - Archibald Stagger-A-Lee Part one 1950 - (YouTube) from Martin Schäfer
29 - 10 Questions for Dr. John - (YouTube) from Martin Schäfer
30 - Joni Mitchell - Coyote - (Just Stardust) from Chris Morris
31 - Nathan Weinbender reviews "Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story" - (Spokane Public Radio) from Cliff Warnken, Scott Miller, Laura Leivick
32 - Mavis Staples - Freedom Highway 23 June 2019 - Dublin - Olympia Theatre - (YouTube) from Markus Prieur
33 - LOUIE KEMP - True Tales of Bob Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue on RollingStone MUSIC NOW - (SoundCloud) from Marc Percansky
34 - Bob Dylan - A Hard Rain's A-Gonna Fall (EARLIEST KNOWN RECORDING / ALTERNATE LYRICS) [Sept. 1962] - (YouTube) from Scott Miller
35 - Mavis Staples can't slow down Amanpour - (CNN) from Markus Prieur 0900

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36 - The Bridge web site has been updated with details of the 2018 Tour Book which is now available and copies have been mailed out today - (The Bridge) from John Wraith
37 - The Monocle Culture Show Rolling Thunder Revue - (Monocle) from Stephan Weber

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Dylan related
1 - Once Upon a Time Never Comes Again - (OffGuardian) from Steve Lockwood
2 - 'Rolling Thunder Revue' review: Martin Scorsese's doc shows a hidden side of Bob Dylan - (Newsday) from Scott Miller
3 - The times they have a-changed - 50 years of Bob Dylan concerts at the Royal Albert Hall - (Royal Albert Hall) from Scott Miller
4 - Mississippi - (Bob Dylan Song Analysis) by David Weir
5 - German: Stellare Kraft - (Süddeutsche Zeitung) from Cliff Warnken
6 - Croatian: Bob Dylan, Sharon Stone i Martin Scorsese 'varaju' novim dokumentarcem - (vecernji.hr) from Cliff Warnken
7 - Croatian: 'Rolling Thunder Revue: Priča o Bobu Dylanu' najčudniji je film Martina Scorsesea - (jutarnji.hr) from Cliff Warnken

8 - Dave Bartholomew, New Orleans composer who helped create rock ‘n’ roll, dies at 100 - (nola) from Steve Lockwood, Scott Miller
9 - Dave Bartholomew, New Orleans Giant, Dead at 100 - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodsky
10 - Dave Bartholomew, Mainstay of New Orleans R&B, Dies at 100 - (NY Times) from Karl Johnson
11 - Dave Bartholomew, A Father Of Rock And Roll, Dead At 100 - (npr) from Scott Miller
12 - Michael Jaffee, Who Co-Founded Early-Music Group, Dies at 81 - (NY Times) from Karl Johnson

13 - Audio: "Knockin' On Dylan's Door (BobFest)" "Celebrating June releases: Street Legal, Empire Burlesque, Before The Flood, Basement Tapes" Select: Listen Live 88.1 FM WCWP, and allow Adobe Flash 9-11 pm EDT - (WCWP 88.1 FM) from G. Walsh
14 - Definitely Dylan Live - 23 June 2019 Exploring The Rolling Thunder Box Set: The Band, the Basement Tapes, and Baez duets - (Definitely Dylan) from Laura Maria Sophie
15 - Dave Bartholomew - The Monkey - (YouTube) from Steve Lockwood
16 - Dave Bartholomew Orch - Good Jax Boogie - (YouTube) from Steve Lockwood

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17 - Social power of music June 29 & 30 - (Smithsonian Folklife Festival) from Scott Miller
18 - Walking in Van Morrison's footsteps - (stuff) from Scott Miller
19 - Alan Thomson - Trouble in mind - (YouTube) by Alan Thomson
20 - Never Ending Photo Tour - (Ignacio Iriarte) by Ignacio Iriarte

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Dylan related
1 - Norwegian: Følg Bob Dylan-konserten i Bergen med BT - (BT) from Cliff Warnken
2 - Bob Dylan is rum and cokey - (Spectator) from Laura Leivick, Cliff Warnken, Scott Miller
3 - Scorsese’s Bob Dylan doc tangles up the truth with style - (Irish Times) from Tiernan Henry, Laura Leivick, Cliff Warnken, Scott Miller
4 - Martin Scorsese: You don’t make it predictable - (Statesman) from Laura Leivick
5 - Dylan’s Rolling Thunder Revue was rock and roll circus life at the edge of an era - (A Journal of Musical Things) from Scott Miller
6 - Dylan’s wild road trip - (philstar) from Cliff Warnken
7 - Bob Dylan miente: el "documental" sobre el músico en Netflix que cruza verdades y falsedades - (El Observador) from Scott Miller, Cliff Warnken
8 - Portuguese: Scorsese se inscreve na lista dos filmes históricos do rock com turnê de Dylan - (Folha de S. Paulo) from Cliff Warnken
9 - Hungarian: A zenész, aki ott sem volt – Rolling Thunder Revue: A Bob Dylan Story by Martin Scorsese - (filmtekercs) from Cliff Warnken, Scott Miller
10 - “Wow Man, I’m gonna be callin’ you for lotsa keyboard gigs.” - (Van Dyka Parks on Twitter) from Harold Lepidus
11 - Scarlet Rivera quote - (Twitter) from Harold Lepidus
12 - Spanish: Martin Scorsese revive la magia de Bob Dylan - (La Razón) from Scott Miller
13 - Things Have Changed Or Have They (Part II) - (Untold Dylan) from Laura Leivick
14 - Masked & Anonymous Revisited: An Evening with Larry Charles Sun, 7/14 at 6pm in Tulsa - (Circle Cinema) from Cliff Warnken
15 - Mavis Staples on Bob Dylan's marriage proposal, writing letters to Prince and meeting Elvis Reg. Req. - (Telegraph) from Cliff Warnken, Laura Leivick, Scott Miller, Bob Harwood

16 - Neil Young Remembers Elliot Roberts: ‘Greatest Manager of All Time’ - (Rolling Stone) from Scott Miller
17 - Elliot Roberts: Manager Mourned by Artists, Industry - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodsky
18 - Mick Jagger skips and dances at Rolling Stones' tour opener following heart surgery - (CNN) from Scott Miller
19 - Tom Petty, Soundgarden Lawyers Launch Lawsuit over Universal Fire - (Ultimate Classic Rock) from Laura Leivick
20 - Artists File $100 Million Suit Against Universal Music Over 2008 Fire - (npr) from Scott Miller
21 - Allman Brothers Band To Unearth ‘Fillmore West 71’ Collection - (jambands) from Harold Lepidus
22 - David Gilmour's "Black Strat" Just Became the Most Expensive Guitar Ever Sold, at $3.975 Million - (Paste) from Steve Lockwood
23 - John Prine Playing Small ‘Pop-Up Show’ in New York on Sunday - (Rolling Stone) from Scott Miller

24 - The Dylan Hour: Streams live every Sunday, 9 - 10 am Pacific DST. Today: A visit with Scarlet Rivera - (885fm.org) from Lisa Finnie
25 - Episode 97 – The Blood on Tracks Notebooks with Anne Margaret Daniel - (The Fire And Water Podcast Network) from Harold Lepidus
26 - Elliot Roberts Interviewed by Warren Zanes - (YouTube) from Scott Miller
27 - Bob Dylan's Surprising Sense of Humor - (YouTube) from Scott Miller
28 - Route 66 - Show 87 on Phoenix FM - (Mixcloud) from Steve Lockwood
29 - Review: Bob Dylan’s best ever live album by Steve Guttenberg - (YouTube) from Scott Miller

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30 - Martin Scorsese’s Brilliant if Baffling Tribute to Bob Dylan - (The Citizen) from Cliff Warnken, Laura Leivick
31 - Allen Ginsberg’s Rolling Thunder Benediction - (Peter Case) from Harold Lepidus
32 - What Dylan's Rolling Thunder Revue meant - (Arkansas Democrat Gazette) from Cliff Warnken, Scott Miller
33 - ‘Rolling Thunder Revue' Review: Don’t Bother Calling This One a Rockumentary, It’s In a Genre All By Itself. - (World of Reel) from Cliff Warnken, Scott Miller
34 - See Bob Dylan at his most enigmatic in Scorsese’s ‘Rolling Thunder Revue’ - (Trib Live) from Cliff Warnken, Laura Leivick, Scott Miller
35 - Portuguese: Martin Scorsese fez um pseudodocumentário? Sim, com Bob Dylan - (Vida Extra) from Cliff Warnken
36 - Finnish: Bob Dylan asetti ankaran kiellon keikoilleen: kukaan ei saa kuvata niitä edes puhelimella – sääntö pätee myös Helsingissä - (Ilta-Sanomat) from Cliff Warnken
37 - Spanish: “Rolling thunder revue: a Bob Dylan story”, un documental con mucha ficción - (Los Tiempos) from Cliff Warnken
38 - German: Bob Dylan-Doku auf Netflix: „Rolling Thunder Revue“ von Martin Scorsese - (Film + Kritik) from Cliff Warnken
39 - Forget Taylor Swift, when it comes to shifting tickets, old rockers do it best Reg Req - (Telegraph) from Scott Miller