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Dylan related
1 - Bob Dylan's 'The Times They Are A-Changin'' turns 55: How much has actually changed? - (CityPages) from Laura Leivick
2 - Historic pub with links to Bob Dylan set to become offices The Old Ferry Inn at Beachley - (South Wales Argus) from Scott Miller, Laura Leivick
3 - Bob Dylan's Wisconsin ode revisited (with approval) by Milwaukee tunesmith Trapper Schoepp - (Star Tribune) from Laura Leivick
4 - Few Beautiful Bob Dylan Photographs - (On This Day Music) from Robert Darlin
5 - Mel Lyman Played a 20-minute improvisation on the traditional hymn "Rock of Ages" at the end of the 1965 Newport Folk Festival to the riled crowd streaming out after Bob Dylan’s famous appearance with an electric band. - (Wikipedia) from Larry
6 - The Beats and Bob (Dylan) Tour Jan 19 & 20 - (evensi) from Laura Leivick
7 - The Bob Dylan Story Guilford Mon 28 Jan - (G live) from Laura Leivick
8 - Before the Flood a Bob Dylan Tribute Ferndale, MI Jan 24 & 25 - (eventbrite) from Laura Leivick
9 - Bobfest - A Celebration of Bob Dylan Count Basie Theatre, May 23 - (Theatre Red Bank) from Laura Leivick

10 - Patti Smith’s Talismanic Photos from Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera’s Home and Beyond - (New Yorker) from Harold Lepidus
11 - Session guitar legend Reggie Young dead at 82 - (Louder) from Scott Miller
12 - His Art, Their Ideas: Did Robert Indiana Lose Control of His Work? - (NY Times) from Ed Grazda
13 - Robbie Robertson to Receive Lifetime Achievement Honor at 2019 Canadian Music & Broadcast Industry Awards - (Billboard) from Scott Miller
14 - Only 10 Days till the Music of Buddy Holly Tribute Featuring Todd Eckart & His Band Now 8 - (Ennyman's Territory) from Scott Miller, Laura Leivick

15 - Video and audio recommendations - (Expecting Rain Discussions)
16 - Clydie King : Only the Guilty Cry 1963 - (YouTube) from Laura Leivick
17 - The Beatles, “It’s All Too Much” from Yellow Submarine (1969): Deep Beatles - (Something Else!) from Scott Miller

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Dylan related
1 - Dear Landlord: the pearl that shines beyond John Wesley Harding - (Untold Dylan) from Laura Leivick
2 - Day Trips: Woody Guthrie Center, Tulsa, Okla. - (Austin Chronicle) from Laura Leivick
3 - Mississippi Reckoning Emmett Till - (National Parks Conservation Association) from John Russel
4 - The Real 1975, Part 2: Bob Dylan Rollin’ with the Rolling Thunder Revue - (Rock And Roll Globe) from Harold Lepidus
5 - 5 Celebrated Aussie Singers To Perform 'Bob Dylan Revisited' Tribute Concert In Sydney & Melbourne - (scenestr) from Scott Miller
6 - Rare Editions - Dylan in Woodstock - (Genesis Publications) from Laura Leivick
7 - Free Friday: Tribute to Bob Dylan Arch Street Tavern p pm tomight - (Hartford Courant) from Laura Leivick
8 - More Blood, More Tracks, More Bob Register - (American Songwriter) from Scott Miller

9 - Behind the Guitar Heroes - (NY Times) from Scott Miller
10 - Pete Townshend Recalls Hoping the Who Would Fail - (Ultimate Classic Rock) from Steve Lockwood, Scott Miller
11 - David Crosby: “Dying is part of life. I’m at the end of my life, so I have to look at it” - (musicradar) from Scott Miller
12 - German: Zwei Abende für Pete Seeger May 3 & 4 - (Echo) from Thomas Waldherr
13 - ‘Blaze’ Star Ben Dickey Readies New Album ‘A Glimmer on the Outskirts’ Label by Charlie Sexton etc. - (Rolling Stone) from Henry, Tiernan
14 - Bonnie Guitar, Music Industry Trailblazer, Is Dead at 95 - (NY Times) from Scott Miller
15 - Bonnie Guitar - "Still The Same" wrongly credited to Bob Dylan Search page for "Bonnie" - (Searching for a Gem) from Scott Miller
16 - Bonnie Guitar - Woman's Work - (No Depression 2006) from Scott Miller

17 - When Live Aid Rocked the Planet - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodsky
18 - Bob Dylan and Bob Neuwirth watching TV in the Savoy Hotel, London, May 1965. Johnny Mayall - (YouTube) from Scott Miller

More - 1000
19 - Steve Ripley First Takes & Extra Takes - (Vintage Guitar) from Jimmy Lee Hannaford
20 - Too Many Stars: Benefit Concerts this Weekend for RI Music Legend Mark Cutler Shows Saturday Night and Sunday Afternoon at The Met - (What's Up Rhode Island) from John Bernstein
21 - Happy Birthday, Steve Earle! Listen to a Vintage Live Performance in NYC Steve was 63 yesterday - (Paste) from Steve Lockwood
22 - Christgau Collection Shows How Music Is Still Good to Ya - (No Depression) from Scott Miller 1100
23 - What's the last song you want to hear before you die? - (Washington Post) from Scott Miller
24 - 5 Artists Who Faced Death With a Song - (Cracked) from Scott Miller
25 - Musician & Paul Kelly's Former Bandmate Chris Wilson Dies - (Musicfeeds) from Jonathan Feldman
26 - Steve Madaio, Trumpeter for Wonder, Stones, Dies - (Best Classic Bands) from Greg Brodsky

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Dylan related
1 - Bob Dylan song Hurricane is OK rules Broadcasting Standard Commission after n-word complaint - (stuff) from Scott Miller, Ryan Foster
2 - Music and History: Pablo Dylan's New Americana - (No Depression) by Anne Margaret Daniel
3 - Bob Dylan family guy: His cousins thank him in an obituary for his aunt Irene Goldfine - (Star Tribune) from Harold Lepidus, Paul J Wolters, David Maeda , Anonymous
4 - Must-Reads of 2018: Poker, Politics and, Yes, Bob Dylan - (Bloomberg) from Scott Miller

5 - How Spotify Is Trying to Take Over Nashville - (Rolling Stone) from Scott Miller
6 - Joni 75: A Birthday Celebration in cinemas on February 7 - (Joni 75) from Scott Miller
7 - 13 Awesome Rock Comebacks - (Ultimate Classic Rock) from Scott Miller
8 - How the Beach Boys’ Lost Late-Sixties Gems Got a Second Life - (Rolling Stone) from Scott Miller, Harold Lepidus
9 - The ‘Irish Tinker Lady’ whose songs captivated London - (Irish Times) from Laura Leivick
10 - 'Magnificent Australian': Chris Wilson dies after cancer diagnosis - (Brisbane Times) from Trevor Davey

11 - Dylan Hour CET today This issue goes back to 1969-71 alongside Bootleg series Another Selfportrait and as a kick-off for the 50th-Woodstock celebrations. - (Radio Darmstadt) from Marco Demel
12 - Joni Mitchell's 10 Most Underrated Songs: Critic's Picks - (Billboard) from Scott Miller