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Letter from Linda Stroback of Zimmy's in Hibbing, March 1, 2014.

Dear Rolling Stone,

My name is Linda Stroback, and I am the proprietor of Zimmy’s
restaurant, the unofficial Bob Dylan museum and community arts center in
his hometown of Hibbing, Minnesota. Since opening in 1982, we have
communicated with Bob’s sons Jesse and Jakob, and have had the
blessings of Dylan’s late mother Beatty. Dylan
“insiders” like Dan Kramer and John Cohen have also told us
that Hibbing speaks to Bob’s roots and that we have honored his
life and accomplishments at our establishment. I am contacting Rolling
Stone in hope that they can shed some light on the American nightmare we
are currently living through. In short, we are in danger of closing
because of tax debt. The State of Minnesota, after chasing our and other
small businesses for extra tax revenue, found some outstanding taxes we
owed. Rather than allowing us to pay the debt in installments, they
pulled our liquor license, which effectively cuts our business off at
the knees and sets us up for imminent failure.

This tale is not ours alone—the once-vibrant town of Hibbing sees
more businesses closing every month, and looks more and more like a
ghost town. Our business supports tourism, and that flies in the face of
the dominant local mining industry and its circle of influence. Thirty
years ago, we planted the seed of this place to honor Bob Dylan, and to
provide a venue for poets, writers and artists. Every May, during the
Dylan Days celebration, Zimmy’s is the center of activity —
people from across the globe come to our establishment to celebrate and
connect with the roots of Bob Dylan. And now, because of our
state’s fiscal shortfalls, small businesses like ours become the
targets, and threaten to destroy 30 years of work in 3 months. What
happened? How did the government become the enemy of small business?

I am hoping that Rolling Stone might think our story worthy of coverage
as an example of how crushing taxes threaten small businesses throughout
the country. The fact that we have a deep connection with Bob Dylan's
hometown and are the closest thing Hibbing has to a Dylan museum only
adds to the resonance our story might have for RS readers.

Please get in touch with your thoughts, and hurry — it's not dark
yet, but it's gettin' there. My phone number is 218-969-3049.

Loyal RS readers and subscribers, 
Linda Stroback & Bob Hocking at Zimmy's

E-mail: zimmys AT

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