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Attica Prison, New York

George Jackson / single / 1971

Sent him off to prison Foa a seventy-dollar robbery. Closed the dorr behind him And they threw away the key.
Timothy Herrick ( George Jackson. The prison he was slain in was Attica, by the way which is where Joey spent ten years with Nitchze and Wilhelm Reich, and where he lost a little weight. Attica Correctional Facility at Attica, N.Y., is the scene of the bloodiest one-day encounter between Americans since the Indian massacres of the late nineteenth century. Inmates of the overcrowded prison discover inexplicable differences in sentences and parole decisions that appear to have a racial bias, outraged prisoners take over cell blocks beginning September 9, 1971 and kill several trusty guards, state police move in September 13 by order of Gov. Rockefeller, 39 inmates are killed and more than 80 wounded in the 15 minutes it takes for the police to retake the prison; the total death toll is 43.
Expecting Rain