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San Francisco, California

Clean Cut Kid / Empire Burlesque / 1984

He was wearing boxing gloves, took a dive one day, off the Golden Gate Bridge into China Bay.
Timothy Herrick: (Excuse my ignorance, but where is China Bay? I used to think it was shiny bay, but the lyric sheet says differently. I am not sure if they also call the San Francisco Bay China Bay, or it is some place in Vietnam or something) from David Gitin: China Bay is the section between the city and South San Francisco by Candlestick Park (not far from the airport). from Jack Nestor, Dec 2005: Regarding the "San Francisco" entry in the Dylan Atlas and the reference to China Bay, there is no China Bay that I know of in the area. The area described in the contribution of David Gitin is actually on the San Francisco Bay and that would make China Bay the only bay-within-a-bay I have ever seen. China Basin does in fact exist and is a minor inlet and shipping channel not far at all from the financial district of San Francisco (to the south) and was a pretty seedy area until the current park in which the Giants play their home games was built on the banks of China Basin. I worked in the area while I was in college for the grand-daddy of the bicycle messengers whose office and dispatch was near there. I might suggest a seperate entry in the Atlas for China Bay. from Ken Bullock, March 2010: Just read the entry of my old friend David Gitin & the following, more detailed entry, concerning "China Bay" as China Basin, the bayshore area south of The Embarcadero in San Francisco, stretching down a bit towards Mission Rock & the dry docks--& India Basin. Something else comes to mind, .Dylan crooning about taking a dive off the Golden Gate Bridge into China Bay. One of the beaches west of the Bridge--& just beyond the better-known Baker Beach in the Presidio, is China Beach. No Bay that I know of, but the Beach at least within sight of the Bridge, if not leap-able.
Expecting Rain