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Town in Minnesota where Robert Zimmerman grew up.s
Bruce Weber's article about Hibbing.

Pictures from Hibbing.

Subject: Re: Jeopardy question
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Date: Wed, 20 Nov 1996 00:59:21 GMT
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Joseph Trum ( wrote:

>What about today's Jeopardy when there was a question about some museum in 
>Hibbing, Minnesota.  

Must have been talking about the Greyhound bus museum there. The
Greyhound system was started in Hibbing.

>This question (or should I say answer) was immediately followed by one 
>that included the word Subterranean.  Coincidence?

Actually, the coincidence goes another way. Hibbing is the site of one
of thelargest iron mines in the world. The entire north side of town
is a huge hole in the ground. Subterranean indeed. Actually between
the Rust mine pit and the mountains of iron tailings surrounding the
town, it's a pretty surreal site. The high school there was built
during the WWI era and is pretty remarkable. It was built by the
mining company when they decided to move the town to make access to
the ore deposits easier. To make up for the inconvenience, they built
what is arguably the most elegant hs in the US. Marble floors, carved
bas relief mouldings and an auditorium as elegant as most cities'
fanciest theatres or orchestra halls. Sadly, however, the tour of the
hs makes no mention of their most famous graduate (nor do they have
any record of which locker was his).

In the high school auditorium I tried to visualize Bobby Zimmerman
pounding out Little Richard and Jerry Lee Lewis on the piano at talent
shows while the poodle skirt/pat boone set looked on in horror.

It must have been real cold up in the iron range.

It seems as though Hibbing is a bit chagrined by Dylan's origins
there. I think they still don't understand his appeal (or greatness).
The locals seem prouder of local natives Roger Maris and Kevin McHale.
Athletics may be more accessible than poetics.

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