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Hog-Eye Town

Ain't Talkin' /Modern Times / 2006

Ain't talkin', just walkin' Eatin' hog-eye grease in a hog-eye town Heart burnin', still yearnin' Some day you'll be glad to have me around.
Alberto Ortega Gurza:
Hog Eye Town was borrowed by Bob Dylan from one of the songs most likely contained in his wide range archives of music. There happens to be a traditional Bluegrass song, called "Hog Eyed Man" dated from back in the 19th century. Born in the Southern tradition, it was soon to go from there to the popular stage. Later on, Pope's Arkansas Mountaineers recorded a variation of "Hog Eyed Man" under the title of "Hog-Eye". This song (Hog-Eye) does include the literal line "hog-eye town" used by Bob Dylan in the closing Modern Times Album track "Ain't Talkin'" There is no doubt Bob's inspirational source is the said song, for it not only mentions the place "Hog-Eye Town", but also what was said to be vastly eaten at the table: "hog-eye grease". LYRICS (excerpt from "Hog Eye"): I went down to hog-eye town, Dey sot me down to table; I et so much dat hog-eye grease, Till the grease run out my nabel.
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