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Hyde Park, London, England

T.V. TALKIN' SONG / Under The Red Sky / 1990

One time in London I'd gone out for a walk, Past a place called Hyde Park where people talk 'Bout all kinds of different gods, they have their point of view To anyone passing by, that's who they're talking to.
Timothy Herrick ( One of the very few mentions of England in a Dylan song. A large public park in west-central London, England, famous for its soapbox orators. Jason Crimp 15 April 2003: More Specifically, what is mentioned is Speakers' Corner, a corner of Hyde Park where once the Tyburn Hanging Tree stood and public executions took place. People gather every Sunday and are free to stand up and orate/berate on any subject they please. However, this tends to attact a lot of evangelical Christians and there is always somebody who affects to be the risen Christ. Sometimes there is more than one but as far as I know, no fights between Jesus' has broken out.
Expecting Rain